What Are The Colors For Spring and Summer 2021?

What Are The Colors For Spring and Summer 2021?


There is nothing more fascinating then to have a spring summer wedding, as the late spring and summer colors are usually the brightest and boldest that brings a magical touch into your big day. While planning to have a wedding in late spring make sure that you choose the theme, style and color that truly replicates the season. Spring summer wedding colors are always an uncommon bunch as they can be drawn from anywhere. For those who are confused about, ‘What are the colors for spring and summer 2021?’’ as there are many beautiful spring wedding colors palette, well, we have short-listed our favorite spring wedding colors that are trending in 2021. Read along and pick your favorite spring and summer wedding color to create your own dreamy spring wedding colors combos.

Spring wedding colors

Indigo, Purple Rose & Eggplant

Choosing the spring summer wedding colors is a delightful experience, with infinite flowers and bright and warm season, the wedding colors for spring and summer brings freshness that revive everything around us. The spring wedding colors can be vibrant and tropical color combos or classic romantic pastels to modern neutrals, that will bring you the perfect blend of relaxation, solace, and returning towards nature. Although the popular spring wedding colors for 2021 were pastels but shades like indigo lavender, purple rose and eggplant can be one of those classic spring wedding colors that will ingeniously highlight the aesthetics of your spring summer wedding up a notch. Choosing darker & lighter shades of purple as your wedding colors for spring summer can be a great choice as these shades correlates with royalty, richness and wealth.

Organic Green & White

Another classy spring wedding colors combination in 2021 is organic green & white which is mostly opted in natural and earthy theme weddings that are trending these days. This classic spring wedding colors combination will give a soft romantic feel to your spring summer wedding, as the pleasant natural whites with gorgeous shades of green will incredibly warm up your organic, garden and backyard spring wedding venue. Our online store offers an exciting range of green & white color line that will give you plenty of ways to build your spring summer wedding theme. To give an overwhelming allure, simply use lots of greenery along with gentle white fabrics, patterns and wooden details and let this beautiful spring wedding colors palette give your spring wedding a gorgeous green landscape.

Silver & Blue

For those who have an obsession for metallics, picking silver can be a perfect pick, and blending it with vivid shades of blue will provide you with the most beautiful spring wedding colors combination. Blue is a symbol of purity and fidelity and has long been associated with weddings, from royal, serenity blue, navy, turquoise, light blue, teal or any other, there are many tints of this hue to style up your spring summer wedding. Mimicking the natural shades of the ocean having this classic spring wedding color will give your beach spring summer wedding a truly remarkable feel. From beautiful white fabric to sparkling embellishments like organza ribbon pearl string with double silk roses pew bows and candelabras with blue floral, this beautiful spring wedding colors palette will imbue inviting and festive air all around your spring summer wedding.

Fuchsia, Yellow & Bright Red

Bright colors like fuchsia, yellow and bright red are also one of the trending spring summer wedding colors as they are energetic, vibrant, and full of life, exactly like the season itself. For the couples who like modern and fun combinations, picking yellow and bright red will help add a beautiful sunny touch in their spring summer wedding. The brightness and passion of Fuchsia itself is enough to give your spring summer wedding venue a buoyant and invigorating feel, you can even create some bold spring wedding colors palettes while pairing it with shiny orange, lime green, sage green, grey and brown. These bold and bright spring wedding colors will give the fun and funky couples an excellent opportunity to exhibit their style statement.

Let’s not ponder much on, ''What are the colors for spring and summer 2021?’’ and simply explore our amazing color line and give your spring summer wedding a magnificent allure. If you have any other color scheme in mind do share with us. Waiting for your comments in the box below.