What Are The Standard Tablecloth Sizes?

What Are The Standard Tablecloth Sizes?


Whether you’re dressing up tables for a formal event or an informal party, there are several factors to consider before purchasing table linens. Although picking the right fabric material, design, color, and style of the tablecloth help bring your event theme to life, choosing the right-sized cover for your table is an important factor to set the tone for the event. However, to find the perfect size for your table linens, you need to consider the dimensions of your table. While most standard dining and banquet tables are 30" high, they vary in diameter, length, and width. Therefore, efavormart offers a variety of tablecloth sizes and shapes to help you effortlessly outfit your tables. But if you’re wondering what are the standard tablecloth sizes available at our online store and which one will give you your desired overhang, read on to learn more about how to pick tablecloth sizes according to the shape of the table and the required drop length.


Rectangle Tables

When it comes to decorating rectangular tables, things can get a little tricky as you need to measure the length, width, and height of your table and choose a rectangle tablecloth that gives an appropriate drop on each side. Since most rectangular tables are 30" wide and 48" to 96" long with a standard height of 30", we offer a variety of sizes between 54x96" and 90x156" to help you achieve different drop lengths. If you’re working with a 30x72" table, opt for our 60x102" tablecloth to achieve a perfect half drop while choose a 90x132" tablecloth for a flawless floor-length drop. However, if you have a 30x96" table, then pick a 60x126" table cover for a half drop and 90x156" rectangle tablecloth to completely drape the table from top to bottom.

Round Tables

If your event venue has round banquet tables, you need to measure the diameter of the tabletop and the height from the edge of the table down to the floor to pick the perfect-sized round tablecloth. Usually, round banquet tables have a standard height of 30" and vary from 30" to 72" in diameter. Thus, we offer round table linens ranging from 70" to 132" to help you seamlessly cover tables of different sizes. If you’re dealing with a 60" table, then we suggest you opt for our 90 inch round tablecloth for a halfway drop whereas look for a 120" tablecloth for a full drop. However if you want to cover a 72" round table, our 108" cover will hang a little further than halfway down the floor while a 132" tablecloth will reach the floor when spread across the table. In case you fancy a puddle drop, then choosing a size bigger than the one that gives a full overhang is the ideal choice.

Square Tables

Similar to round tables, you only need to measure the diameter and height of a square table to choose an appropriate square tablecloth. There are plenty of sizes featured in our square table linen collection to help you drape your tables with ease. For instance, if you’re planning to outfit a 30x30" square table, choose our 60x60” square tablecloth to achieve a half overhang while drape a 90x90" tablecloth to completely cover the table. Whereas, using a 54x54" table cover will fall just a few inches over the edge of the table and a 65x65” or 70x70 square tablecloth will hang more than halfway down to the floor.

Finding the right tablecloth size is all about measuring the table and calculating the overhang. However, if you’re not good with numbers, you can also refer to our sizing chart when picking out table linens for your tables. If you have any more questions regarding our tablecloth sizes, please ask them in the comments below!