What Are The Three Types Of Studio Lighting?

What Are The Three Types Of Studio Lighting?


To catch the scenic beauty of any place, good lighting is needed as it helps create the desired aesthetic. If you love taking pictures and want your photographs to look like a professionals’ work or are looking forward to becoming a professional photographer, then you need to learn more about studio lighting. In studio lighting there are special equipment and lighting kits that help meet the requirements of a professional shoot. The most interesting fact about these modern elegant lighting is that they have now become portable and aren’t confined to a studio, which means you can now create natural lighting effects in any place. But before you start using this photography lighting, first learn about studio lighting and what are the three types of studio lighting, as it will help you get professional like results. Down below we have rounded up some interesting facts about studio lighting, read along and get inspired!


Types Of Studio Lighting

When you are taking professional photographs in a studio there are some lighting patterns and light setups that you have to work with and there are three types of studio lighting that are most commonly used there. Let’s have a look at the types of lighting used in a studio:

Strobe lighting or flash lighting is the popular one as it emits a bright burst of light and only flash when the camera is fired. We offer a dynamic range of strobe lights at efavormart that will help you give surreal stroboscopic effects. Opt for our 10 Watt White Strobe Spotlight, 108 LED 25 Watt Strobe Light, Mini Strobe Light, or 220V Strobe Par Light that are made of a hard plastic casing which gives firm protection against weather changes, and their adjustable shade pivots to allow you to direct the light where you need it most. These elegant lightings are easy to operate as they have a convenient handle attached that allows you to fix them wherever you needed the most light.

Continuous Lighting, on the other hand, doesn’t flash on and off as you take photos, in fact, they work continuously to illuminate the subject. Our 105 Watt Fluorescent Full Spectrum 6500K Daylight Balanced Light Bulb will not only get perfectly bright lamination for shooting your photos but will also save energy up to 80%. For getting outstanding images, adjusting the lighting is a key factor so, use these continuous studio lighting with our Photography Photo Portrait Studio 400W Day Light White Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit, and let the soft white translucent umbrella in the kit help in softening, broadening, and diffusing the light out.

Speedlights are small flashlights that can be used in and out of the studio. They produce a short burst of flash that is faster than a standard camera flash and are most commonly paired with photography umbrellas and softboxes. These lightings are portable, light weighted, and are ideal for temporary photography studios, remote shoots, still photography, fast action shots, or product photography. In our photo photography studio lighting light tent kit you will get high quality LED light with a stand and a portable camera camcorder tripod stand that will let you enjoy taking high class photos anywhere as it has space saving and flexibility features.

What Are The Lights In A Studio Called?

Photographers use studio lighting to elevate their photography while working in their photography studio. If you want to create the perfect studio lighting, then first learn, ‘what are the lights in a studio called?’ It will help you set up the best equipment and attain that professional look.

Key Lights

The main source of light in a studio is the key lights, thus their intensity is the highest among the other lights used there. Our bright strobe spotlight, stage uplight, landscape spotlightfull fluorescent light bulb, or strobe spotlight with dual mode, can be used as key lights, these bright lighting falls straight on the face of the subject and perfectly shapes the image no matter what the position of the subject is.

Fill Lights

These lights fill in shadows that are caused by other lights, especially the key lights, therefore while using these studio lighting make sure to diffuse them. Our sunset spotlight lamp, white strobe light, or mini strobe lights, can be used as fill lights as they come with a remote control that can adjust the light whenever it is required.

Hair Light

Hair lights are used for separation, this studio lighting is placed at the top of a subject’s head, so that a depth can be created in the image. This lighting is positioned directly above and slightly behind the subject’s head opt for our boom arm hairlight softbox that offer maximum support and is an ideal accessory for professional studio lighting photography. The boom arm assists the positioning of lights, reflectors, and flags above your subject matter and also illuminates your composition from new and interesting angles.

Types Of Studio Lighting Equipment

To capture beautiful and high-quality images, elegant lighting and studio equipment are required as they keep everything in control while shooting. For instance, our photo portrait studio lighting equipment comes with light stands, light bulb holder, soft umbrella reflector, fluorescent daylight balanced photo light bulb, 6Ft×9Ft (black, green, white) backdrops & backdrop support stand with 10 Ft. crossbar, that will make your photo a true masterpiece. Get a professional high quality light stand, softbox light holder, photography boom arm, stand & sandbag combo, photo studio softbox reflector with holder, full spectrum light bulb by choosing our 2400 watt softbox photo studio continuous lighting kit with boom arm hairlight softbox. For holding up any backdrop, we offer our 8ftx10ft adjustable photography backdrop stand kit that comes with 2 free backdrop clips. Our table top photo photography studio lighting light tent kit in a box will let you take pictures of products like a professional and will leave people astonished with the superior lighting quality.

To become a better photographer you must have a good understanding of studio lighting. We hope that this article was helpful enough to guide you all about studio lighting. Browse through our Decorative Lights collection and find studio lighting equipment for sale that is perfect for advertising products, photo-art, industrial, scientific and technical photography, photographic reproduction, and photography lighting. Our studio lighting equipment support kit is perfectly suitable for all level photographers from professionals to amateurs. So what are you waiting for, explore your photography skills and take pictures like a pro? Do share your thoughts with us in the box below!