What are the wedding colors for 2021?

What are the wedding colors for 2021?


The onset of coronavirus has given us new wedding trends, new experiences, and new design elements, all to capture couples' new beginnings. While planning a wedding, there are thousands of details that you have to keep in mind but selecting the wedding colors is the most important one as all the other details are built on the wedding color palette that you choose. It can be complicated to decide on a final color for your wedding but once it’s decided then the rest of the planning process becomes a breeze. To help you zero in on ‘What are the wedding colors of 2021?’, we have listed the trendiest wedding colors of 2021 that will surely suit your personal style.

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Spring Wedding Colors 2021

Spring weddings are destined to be beautiful, all thanks to seasonal elegant blooms and warm weather. With a plethora of pretty hues, spring allows you to craft your wedding color palette and make them a pretty and refreshing choice for your big day. Scream spring out by choosing soft pastels from our color line like light pink and peach, or if you want to get break from the traditional all soft wedding color palette, mix deep accents with pastels. Green and white are another trendy color combos of 2021 as their simplicity makes a striking statement. Pair our lavender with sage greens or add richer shades from our purple color line or bright dashes of yellow and let these stunning wedding colors 2021, say hello to your perfect spring wedding!

Summer Wedding Colors 2021

Wedding colors 2021 for summer weddings are usually bright and bold color palettes as they can easily fit between the soft spring pastels and the rich and bold tones of fall. For a summer lakeside weddings, we offer our stunning color line of sage green & peach or lavender & grey as they will perfectly complement the beautiful landscape. For a backyard summer wedding, embrace the hues of the season with our enchanting color line of white & green hues or add gold to attain that modern minimalist look. Opting for our Navy & peach color line will also work as a fantastic combination for a summer wedding. Citrus-inspired colors like yellow, orange, and pink will make quite a statement. We offer our Burgundy color line that is one of the trending wedding color 2021, so make a lovely combo by mixing it with our blush shades and let the lighter tone of this lovely hue give your summer wedding a truly romantic feel.

Fall Wedding Colors 2021

Are you ready to finalize the wedding color palette for your fall wedding? From rich jewel tones to earthy neutrals and pastels, capture the magic of the season and pick just the perfect wedding colors 2021 for fall and bring a sense of luxury and vibrancy to your big day. Mix our purple, green and red color line to set the mood for a bold fall wedding or combine two vivid hues like red and yellow that are both impressive and cheerful. Matching our cool dusty blue with red tone or teal & orange will simply create a brilliant wedding color palette for your fall wedding!

Winter Wedding Colors 2021

Winter weddings are an embodiment of glam, from deviations of the conventional festive shades to winter pastels or sparkly metallics to moody hues, winter wedding colors 2021 will add a divine and whimsical flair to your big day. Evoke the elegance of the season by combining our striking hunter green, black & silver color line that will provide a nostalgic and slightly magical feeling to your winter wedding. Pairing burgundy with peach and tan with a pop of gold will make the perfect rustic winter wedding color inspiration, whereas, with our pink, blue and ivory color line you can create a lovely modern winter wedding colors 2021. Since purple is a popular winter wedding color, so combine it with white & pink and make your winter wedding look elegant and right on trend.


So, which wedding colors 2021 are you going to use for your wedding this year? Please let us know in the comments section below!