‘What color goes with dusty blue? Burgundy, turquoise, navy blue, gold, and purple could give your ambiance an outstanding look and feel.

What Color Goes With Dusty Blue?


Dusty blue color is considered as the most romantic and elegant shade when it comes to wedding colors. Being trendy and the most popular one in the recent years, dusty blue color is what mostly couples are choosing for their wedding day, as this soft and romantic blue shade works with any season and creates some amazing color palettes when combined with other hues. Dusty blue color is so versatile and improvises the simpler designs into some stylish and astonishing ones. Have you chosen dusty blue color for your special day and are wondering, ‘What color goes with dusty blue? Burgundy, turquoise, navy blue, gold, and purple could give your ambiance an outstanding look and feel. Well, continue reading as we are sharing some of our favorite color combinations to trigger your inspiration.

dusty blue wedding

Dusty Blue With Neutral Palette!

Dusty blue color is that alluring color that vibes with so many different hues and provides a lot of room to play around with amazing color combinations. Pairing dusty blue color with warm and neutral palettes like gold, bronze, champagne, or rose gold, you will get some stunning wedding color palettes. Take this soft tone dusty blue color from mild to hot and passionate by combining it with these neutral tones and give your wedding colors scheme a top notch feel. Create amazing wedding flower arrangement by pairing this lovely hue with blush, pink, rose quartz, dusty rose, or ivory. To give your dusty blue wedding tabletop a totally magnificent look and feel, try complementing this shade with gold, bronze or navy blue and ooze charismatic vibes all around.

Dusty Blue Color With Jewel Tones!

Dusty blue color for weddings is rocking these days and everyone is looking for some amazing colors to match with this beautiful shade to give their wedding colors scheme a totally unique look. Match jewel tones and deep, rich hues like burgundy, turquoise, navy blue, gold and purple with dusty blue color and create some magical dusty blue color combos. Burgundy being the bold and romantic hue, when matched with soft and feminine dusty blue will make you swoon. From wedding decorations to bridesmaid dresses, invitations, and pretty wedding bouquets, embrace your dusty blue wedding with these jewel tones and let it build a picturesque setting.

Dusty Blue With Seasonal Hues!

Seasons play a vital role in choosing the wedding colors and while having a dusty blue wedding make sure that you match the colors that comply with the season. Dusty blue color is a multi-functional color that beautifully blends with any season, not just with summer, a dusty blue wedding in spring, fall or winters will give your ambiance the same seasonal vibes.

For a spring wedding, match dusty blue color with glorious greens, cream, ivory, blush, rose gold, peach, and let these wedding color combinations make a genuine contribution to your wedding cakes, reception surroundings and flower decorations.

Purple with dusty blue works as a captivating summer hue, mingle them with pink, blue, & yellow tones and let this trendy palette rejuvenates the freshness of summertime into your dusty blue wedding theme.

Champagne, sage green & burgundy with a dash of soft dusty blue color will be a perfect wedding color scheme for a fall wedding, as it will create a right amount of contrast while balancing to perfection and adding luxe greenery will surely be a highlight.

Catch the beauty of winters by matching classic navy blue, white with sage green details and see how magnificently they will blend with the dreaminess of the luxurious dusty blue color and put the perfect finishing touches to your winter wonderland.



Dusty blue color is for sure another name for serenity and peacefulness, it evokes more calmness and dreamy allure and give your event a unified elegance and grace. With dusty blue color as your wedding color, you can never go wrong; blending this amazing shade with bold and bright ones will definitely take your wedding colors scheme to a whole new level of elegance and panache. We hope that this blog has given you enough inspiration to create your dream match. Do let us know what you think about our ideas in the comment section below!