What Colors Go With Sage Green For A Wedding?

What Colors Go With Sage Green For A Wedding?


When it comes to picking trending wedding colors for your big day decor, sage wedding colors are all the hype right now. These muted greens with gray undertones can be incorporated into just about any wedding style. But what colors go with sage green for a wedding? Well, owing to its muted pigment, sage acts as a neutral shade in a wedding color palette and can be paired with most colors for a spectacular outcome! Here are some of our favorite color pairings with sage wedding colors along with tips and suggestions on how to creatively use them in your wedding decoration.

sage wedding colors

1. Blush and Sage Wedding Colors

With its romantic appeal and understated elegance, blush has ruled over the wedding scene for more than a decade now turning it into a run-of-the-mill hue for weddings. But pairing blush tones with sage wedding colors creates a timeless and classy color combo that is far from boring! A blush pink and sage green wedding color palette is ideal for spring and summer weddings in outdoor settings. Opt for a gorgeous blush silk flower bouquet as the bridal bouquet and arrange lots of artificial blush wedding flowers with sage green succulents and foliage to decorate your venue and reception tables for the perfect blend of sophistication and modern charm.

2. Dusty Blue and Sage Wedding Colors

Refreshingly tender yet exquisite and very soothing, dusty blue and sage wedding colors with a hint of gold make up for a wonderful color scheme that looks gorgeous anytime, anywhere! Outfit your head table in a lovely dusty blue tablecloth and arrange a cascade of sage green foliage garlands down the middle of your table to bring a whimsical appeal to your wedding decoration. Accent your tabletop decorations with gold metal candleholders and floral metal vases to take your aesthetics to a whole new level of grandeur!

3. Sage and Silver Wedding Colors

For couples looking for a subtle mix of wedding colors, pairing sage and silver wedding colors is the perfect color combo to create dimension without using colors from the opposite end of the color spectrum. Ideal for weddings by the water, silver and sage green bring an oh-so alluring feel that strikes a glorious balance of grace and whimsy. Swathe shimmering silver and sage floral overlays over your reception tables or pair your table linens with lustrous sage and silver sequin table runners to add a glamorous touch to your wedding decoration.

4. Sage Green and Brown Wedding Colors

Sage green is an earthy tone that works pretty well with other colors found in nature. Offset sage green with shades of brown such as taupe, wood brown, or chocolate brown to create a rustic look that is trendy and chic. Drape sage green sheer fabric on a wooden wedding arch and bedeck it with a riveting mix of succulents, flowers and foliage for an idyllic wedding arch decor. Dress your tables with taupe-colored table linens and opt for smoky brown wooden planters or natural wooden slices to display your floral and succulent arrangement centerpieces. You can also accent your tabletop decorations with sage green napkins held together with wooden napkin rings to infuse a bucolic charm into your setup.

5. Sage and Neutral Wedding Color Palette

Though sage green is a soft, subdued hue, it can be brought into the spotlight by pairing it with neutral tones. Cream, ivory, and white hues combined with sage wedding colors will create a sophisticated neutral color palette that’ll add oodles of elegance and grace to your big day decorations. Accent your beautiful white bridal dress with a lovely sage green headpiece for a stunning style statement. Whereas, the sage green chiffon runners and chair sashes are ideal to add an enticing pop of color to your tables and chairs dressed in ivory linens.

As you can see, there are a ton of wedding colors that go with sage green! No matter how much or how little you use sage in your wedding color story, it is sure to elevate your big day decor up a notch. Do you have any more sage wedding color schemes in mind? Share them with us in the comments section below!