What Colors Should You Not Wear To A Wedding?

What Colors Should You Not Wear To A Wedding?


Weddings are all about fun, happiness, excitement and surely a lot of preparations. Whether it’s your best friend’s big day or you are invited to a formal wedding, it is always tricky to choose the best wedding color scheme for your dress which makes you blend with all the guests as well as helps you look elegant and classy in your own way. Although weddings these days have fewer fashion boundaries as most couples choose to go beyond traditions giving endless color and styling choices to the guests as well. When you are hunting for a perfect wedding color scheme for the upcoming invite on your calendar, take note that there are few wedding color choices that must be avoided while deciding on your dress. Do you wish to find a look that is perfect for a wedding or a formal affair, but still confused what colors should you not wear to a wedding? Fret not; here is a list of colors that you must elude as a wedding guest to make a signature appearance.

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Say No to:


White has always been popular for inducing peace and tranquility and we’re pretty sure most of you think you look simply stunning when wearing white. Yes, white is surely one of the most significant wedding colors but who wants to stick to simple white when wedding season calls for the guests to spread glamour by wearing dresses of vivacious colors like lustrous shades of pink. As the bride is the center of attraction for the day so let her standout in all white unless you’re asked to dress in white by the couple. An alluring alternative for white is a slip dress styled using our pink satin fabric that will surely land you in heaps of compliments. Nothing can substitute white better than a dreamy pink for a subtle wedding color scheme. Besides pink, some similar hues in pink family that will surely make you look and feel pretty are peach, blush, rose gold, rose quartz, dusty rose and mauve.


Selecting the right outfit for an upcoming wedding can be somewhat challenging as you need to be cautious about the appropriate color choice that would seamlessly connect with the season and the occasion. Although black is a very powerful color with a lot of versatility but it is often considered as a hue associated with mourning and grief and therefore might be taken as faux pas for the happiest events like a wedding. This wedding season, try out a diversified color scheme with wide range of shades by choosing our dusty rose satin silk fabric. Add a touch of your own creativity and make your dream dress. Whether you want to go for a modern gown or flirty fit- and- flare styles, this elegant fabric gives you everything to make you look perfect for the occasion. Make sure you complete your look with essential accessories that will gorgeously glam up and compliment your outfit for the special occasion.


If your upcoming wedding highlights a spring inspired décor make sure you dress up accordingly and let the blossoms bloom alone. Balance the vibrant floral arrangements and tie in the wedding color scheme by keeping neon and overly bright hues aside when choosing your dress. For the upcoming nuptial dress up in cool pastel shades by opting for outfits flawlessly stitched out of lavender or royal blue satin fabric.

Pro tip: Before you finalize your wedding outfit with a perfect color, try to look for a dress code in the wedding invite, know the couple’s taste and consider the weather.

While planning to choose your wedding dress color as a guest, try picking shades that help you blend with everyone while not stealing the spotlight from the bride as this is bride’s day and she deserves to be the epicenter of attraction for the entire program. Share your innovative inspirations of unique color dress you have chosen to wear in the upcoming wedding you are invited to.