What Do Wedding Colors Mean?

What Do Wedding Colors Mean?


While planning for a wedding, it is essential to consider every little detail of the décor and the choice of wedding colors comes first in the list as it helps in setting up the tone for the big day. There is one question frequently asked by many people that, ‘What do wedding colors mean and what role do they play in the overall décor? Well, the role of the wedding colors is to bring the look and feel of the event to life, whether it’s the backdrop, flower arrangement, centerpieces, tabletop, or wedding dresses, your choice of wedding colors set the stage for your event. Weddings are set with different themes and in different seasons, so while deciding on your wedding colors make sure that you consider the season and the theme of the event. To guide you a bit about why wedding colors are important in a wedding décor and how to choose wedding colors to set an amazing ambiance, we are sharing some key points; read them and get inspired!

spring wedding colors

Season & Wedding Colors!

Seasons play an important role in picking up some beautiful wedding colors as every season has its own beautiful shade and tinges. For instance, a wedding planned in spring season must have all the pretty spring wedding colors, like light pastels and pairing them with deeper shades like coral or fushia will let you create that perfect romantic look that you are looking for. If you’re saying ‘I do’ in summers, the good wedding colors for summers can be in brighter tones, like bold reds, yellow, blue, or purples. These summer wedding colors will bring energy and spark into your ambiance and will give your guests a refreshing and lively feel. Fall wedding colors are simply magical, the earthy tones like moss green, gold, natural, and burgundy works perfect for a fall wedding. Winter has its own charisma, the sparkling snow when gets paired with deep and dark tones of winter wedding colors like burgundy, red, blue or the metallic hues like copper, gold, bronze, gray, or silver, the outcome you get is simply mind-blowing!

Help You Create Cool Color Palettes!

Colors have their own language; you can feel the essence of any space by simply looking around the colors it is adorned with. While choosing wedding colors for your special day make sure that you choose colors that complement each other. You can create cool wedding colors palette by pairing two or three best wedding colors, but make sure that your pairing is in contrast. The simplest way to think about color pairings is by selecting bright colors with neutral ones. For instance, if you have chosen orange or red as your wedding colors, blend them with natural, teal or peach, combining dusty rose and copper with colors like gray and plum you get some stunning wedding colors for your wedding. Even pairing burgundy, purple, coral, or fushia with gold or any other metallic hue will give your event some pretty wedding colors. An elegant white backdrop with apple green is also one of those best wedding colors that you can opt for, complement these wedding colors with the rest of the decorations and leave an ever-lasting impact on your guests.

Wedding Colors In Floral Décor!

Flowers are a must have part of any wedding and while creating wedding flower arrangements make sure that your choice of colors matches with the wedding colors that you have in your wedding décor. From wedding arches, backdrops, centerpieces to bridal bouquets the wedding colors that you pick to make the arrangement speaks a lot about your event. Using the wedding colors of the bridal bouquet as the leading color in your wedding décor can be a great idea. For a spring garden wedding, your flower arrangement should be in pastel wedding colors, like blush, rose gold, peach, pink, white or lavender. If you have a boho chic wedding, set your floral décor in yellow, bright red, sage green & blush with green wedding colors and give an eye-catching and inviting feel to your space. For your winter wedding, choosing elegant wedding colors like white, cream, or ivory for flowers with a sprinkle of blue, pale blush, burgundy, or red will be a great choice.


Wedding colors are the highlight of any wedding décor, so make sure that you pick the best wedding colors that not only fit your style but also go along with the season and theme. So, are you still wondering about, what do wedding colors mean? We hope not! Go ahead and start planning for your big day and don’t forget to share your ideas with us in the comment section below!