What Do Wedding Colors Mean?

What Do Wedding Colors Mean?


Colors represent various meanings, even from a very broad and generalized perspective of life. Green color represents prosperity and is related to anything that symbolizes Nature while blue color is associated with the sky and sea, and represents freedom, imagination and things that are boundless. Similarly, colors represent many ideologies in every phase of life and that includes marriage too. So, what do wedding colors mean? Well, they suggest the characteristic aspects of wedded life. The yellow color represents the sun which means a bright and cheerful wedded life while the shades of brown symbolize earth and stability. But couples decide on their wedding color schemes related to their favorite colors and hence every wedding ceremony will be highly unique when it comes to its color themes. While some couples wish for subtle yet chic wedding colors that can make up for a sublime event decor, some opt for a flamboyant color palette to reflect their perky personalities. So, whether you are on the lookout for chic or striking décor items, Efavormart can help you meet all your requirements with its widest range of premium décor products that can glorify your design. Without any further ado, let’s explore some simple, efficient yet creative ideas to choose the right color theme for your big day.

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Incorporate the Sublime Pink Color

The shades of pink represent kindness and love which is why it is known as the color of femininity and using pink as the base color for your wedding color palette can work like a charm. A common factor between women and flowers is gentleness and this can be represented by including Blush and Pink Giant Peony Flowers in your wedding stage decorations. Elevate the ambiance even more by suspending stunning Pink Silk Hydrangea Kissing Flower Balls from the ceiling. If you prefer adding a whimsical appeal to your wedding decorations, then try placing a balloon garland or balloon arch on either side of the stage using Pastel Pink Helium Latex Balloons. Discussing wedding color ideas with your wedding planner can lead to many interesting and artistic decor ideas but setting up a pink colored décor theme comes with benefits as it looks very elegant when combined with other colors.

Use Bold and Popping Blue Tones

While pink represents femininity and romance in the wedding color palette, complementing it with blue hues is an excellent idea to add tranquility, balance and peace. Set up a Royal Blue Premium Velvet Backdrop which can be further enhanced with pink faux floral arrangements to create a bold and stunning stage décor. Accentuate the look of the aisle chairs by decorating them with Dusty Blue Chiffon Willow Sashes and complement them equally by scattering Royal Blue Silk Rose Confetti Petals on the aisle runner and floor. This wondrous alliance of pink and blue wedding colors at your ceremony can impress your guests with its brilliant vibrancy.

Perfect the Wedding Décor Theme with a Touch of White

Wedding color schemes with pink and blue colors perfectly symbolize the ideology of the bride and groom being united in wedlock. But including a color that represents the purity of love can add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding décor. Include gorgeous white tones in your wedding color palette and glam up the ceilings with White Ceiling Drapes Sheer Curtain Panels. If you want to flaunt sublime grandeur through your event decor, drape Long Crystal Beaded Ceiling Drape Curtains as well. Moreover, using a White Floral Lace Aisle Runner on the floor can add a touch of grace and will also complement the ceiling décor with elegance.

So, what do wedding colors mean? Well, every color represents a particular facet of the wedded life but it does not mean you have to include every one of them in your wedding décor. The key is to incorporate the right color tones for a mind-blowing event design. Do comment your thoughts below on which hues can work well for wedding color schemes.