What Do You Put In A Valentine's Day Basket?

What Do You Put In A Valentine's Day Basket?


Get romantic as the festival of love & romance is arriving soon. Yes! You got it right Valentine’s Day; a day to celebrate love is around the corner. 14th February is marked as Valentine’s Day, a day packed with red hearts, balloons, chocolates, & flowers. There are certain traditions associated with this romantic holiday, like giving flowers & gifts and arranging a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for that special one. Valentine’s Day basket is also one of the essential giveaways that one wants to arrange to surprise his/her beloved. Valentine’s Day basket is an assortment of the items that your Valentine loves along with some basic ones, like flowers, red hearts, chocolates, & wine. If you want to have an over-the-top February 14th, and are thinking, ‘’what do you put in a Valentine’s Day basket?’’ to make it look unique, then continue reading as we are sharing some lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day basket ideas for him & her that you can easily put together. So make your date fall head over heels in love with you all over again this Valentine’s Day and let this little token of love showcase your feelings in a lovely way.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about closeness, intimacy, and love, it keeps the romance alive and a lovely Valentine’s Day gift basket is the perfect way to express your love for that special one. It’s a basket brimming with love, the items that you put in will show how much you know your love interest. Whether you are making Valentine’s Day basket for her or for him, make sure that it contains all the elements of love. Let’s have a little idea about what do you put in a Valentine’s Day basket to win over your beloved's heart.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets For Her!

Preparing a Valentine’s Day gift basket for her is ever so exciting, making a beautiful and thoughtful presentation to make your lady love feel extra special is the most beautiful feeling ever. There are so many novel Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas for her, like putting in her favorite chocolates, red roses, sparkling refreshments or gourmet treats. You can elevate the visual appeal of these goodies by choosing favor boxes, heart shape tin boxes, bags or heart carriage containers, and adorn them with ribbons & heart shape tags with a heartfelt note to make her feel truly special. If your lady love loves cooking, then put heart shape cookie cutters, tea infuser, & whisks in the basket or arrange spa-inspired gifts like scented lotion, bath bombs, soap party favor box, nail polish or a nail file and wrap them up in a pink towel with a pink ribbon. This Valentine’s Day, make her weak in the knees and let her know the effect she has on you by presenting her with a lovely Valentine’s Day basket.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets For Him!

Surprise him in the utmost romantic way by thinking about some swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas for him and give the man in your life that extra special feel. If your Valentine is a gamer, then choose a wooden crate as your Valentine’s Day basket and fill it up with his favorite snacks, chocolates, champagne, games that he loves to play along with the batteries for his controllers. For a fitness freak, choose low-fat snacks & protein bars, and if your love interest travels a lot, put a heart shaped luggage tag with a love note in the frame or place a beautiful pic of both of you to make him feel your presence around him wherever he goes. Surprise your hubby with a romantic breakfast on Valentine’s Day by presenting him with a healthy Valentine’s Day basket, like serve milk in a milk bottle, add heart beverage napkins, present juice in flute and set it atop heart shaped photo frame glass coaster to give your special one that hearty feel. For your highly romantic mate arrange a Valentine’s Day gift basket for him by adding flowers, heart shape candles, his favorite wine wrapped in tuxedo wine cover along with heart wine bottle opener & stopper and show how much his presence means in your life.


Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to bask in the romance, so this February 14th put a bright smile on your partner’s face by preparing a super stylish Valentine’s Day basket and impress your beloved in a truly surreal way. Hopefully, with this blog post, you have got some ideas about, what do you put in a Valentine’s Day basket? If you liked our ideas kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!