What do your Wedding Colors Say about You?

What do your Wedding Colors Say about You?


From centerpieces, silk flowers and tablecloths, the colors you choose for your big day should reflect your personality and style. Using certain colors can help create a sophisticated whimsical environment that is truly reflective of you! Whether you’re wedding is pure white from the gown to the centerpieces, you color choices may be saying something about you. What are you color choices saying about you?


Classic and traditional, white is symbolic of purity and innocence with a strong connection to youth and perfection. White is an excellent color and symbolizing a fresh start or for those who seek peace and serenity.


Are you passionate and romantic by nature? Choosing red for your wedding color can help reflect your passionate prowess. Celebration, happiness, prosperity, and joy are all also represented by red. People who flock to red are considered restless and optimistic.


Every season, orange becomes more and more popular. From orange artificial flowers, to orange tablecloths this bright color is an absolute favorite. Orange is spontaneous and daring, showing your bolder side. People who choose orange may also be energetic and of a large social circle. If you have a zest for life, orange is your color.


Green signifies freshness and fertility. Brides commonly select green to show their value for health and the environment. Green represents harmony and shows you are stable and balanced.