What Does It Take For A Simple Wedding?

What Does It Take For A Simple Wedding?


A ceremonial celebration like a wedding creates many moments that can be cherished for a lifetime. Moments that will become beautiful memories will be revered forever by the couple and the guests as well, irrespective of the size of the ceremony. If you’re wondering, what does it take for a simple wedding, and how you pull it off successfully, we’ve got some amazing ideas described in this blog. Well, there are quite a few contributing factors but to say in a nutshell, it takes some meticulous planning and proper execution. And your painstaking planning phase will become easy by browsing through some of the finest and flamboyant wedding décor supplies available at Efavormart. Now, let’s start exploring some classy decoracion de bodas or wedding decorations for your special day!

Wedding Decorations

A Charming Welcome Note

The vibes your guests will feel about your decoracion de bodas starts right from the entrance. A charming welcome note to all your guests using the Black Metal Easel Collapsible Tripod Stand will definitely put a smile on their bright faces as they enter the premises. And if you have invited only your close and loved ones to the wedding, you might as well display the respective surnames or even portray a funny group picture of the squad that is coming in. Placing the Gold Hoop Pillar Stand with some flowers of vibrant pastels beside the welcome note will embellish your elegant wedding décor.

A Chic Backdrop

If you are on the lookout for an alternative that looks simple yet graceful enough as a wedding arch to enliven your wedding ceremony decorations, then choose the Gold Heavy Metal Wreath Hoop. The advantage of the metal wreath hoop is that it can be easily fixed onto the wall or even to a tree if your wedding decorations will involve the backyard too. Now, decorate the metal hoop with the Artificial Silk Maple Fall Leaf Garland and attach some Dusty Rose Dahlia Flower Bushes for a complementing color tone or choose the Orange and Yellow Artificial Calla Lily Flowers for contrasting vibrancy. These elegant wedding décor accessories do not cost you much in terms of money or time needed to implement but your guests will be spellbound by their beauty for sure.

Whimsical Hanging Décor

With a simple yet whimsical wedding theme, you can break free from the traditional route and can customize your wedding ceremony decorations. Traditionally, paper streamers are used to send off the wedded couple from the venue with a dramatic feel. But, these streamers can be used to accentuate your hanging decoracion de bodas by beautifying the ceiling as well. Attach the Pink Acrylic Raindrop Crystals Chandelier and stick the Assorted Color Confetti Paper Streamers to the center of its base. The dangling crystals and flying papers with the blowing wind will be an irresistible sight as your wedding decorations garner everyone’s admiration. If you prefer something much flashy than the subtle crystal chandelier, then you can opt for the Gold Wrought Iron Hanging Sphere which can host many multi colored flower bushes and other pretty decoration styles for wedding.

Wondrous Cake and Table Décor

The Clear Acrylic Cake Stand with Transparent Display Box as part of your wedding decorations will receive undivided attention from every person, provided it’s decorated the right way. If the wedding planner turns out to be a close friend of the couple, then he or she can fill up the transparent display box using small gifts that were exchanged between the couple earlier, or some lovely photos of the couple will also look too good in there as part of the wedding decorations. This idea will make the moment more memorable as the couple get to reminisce their earlier days while they take their next step in life. Enhance the look of the cake table by scattering the Blue Dahlia Flower Bushes and the Burgundy Silk Peony Flower Heads across. The collaboration of subtle pastels and popping hues will make the elegant wedding décor look alluring.

Well, having discussed some lovely ideas above, you would now have a fair idea of, what does it take for a simple wedding? A simple wedding with subtle decoracion de bodas not just cut your expenses largely but they widen the window to pull off some amazing DIY wedding ceremony decorations as well, that will look chic and creative. Comment your fabulous ideas about, what does it take for a simple wedding?