What Fabric Is Best For Wedding Arch?

What Fabric Is Best For Wedding Arch?


Wedding arches have been used for quite a long time to enhance the look as well as to complete the décor of a wedding altar. As the most intimate moments of exchanging vows and making life long promises are taken place under the wedding arch so it has to be exceptionally beautiful and dreamy. Moreover, a beautiful backdrop can serve as an exquisite framework to capture the most memorable moments of your big day.

Hexagon wedding arch

The most commonly used wedding arches are the conventional floral arches, but with changing trends and modern preferences, many couples opt for unique shaped arches specially the geometric ones. In order to give your display a distinctive touch, include a hexagon wedding arch in your arrangement which is one of the latest trends and is highly preferred by couples who love to go beyond traditional accents. These are usually decorated with flowers and greenery or with candles and string lights. To further compliment their look, a classy fabric is used to add flair and style to the arch. In order to have an understanding of what fabric is best for wedding arch, here are some tips and tricks to decorate your wedding arch by using the right fabric and bring love and magic to your nuptial.

Hexagon Wedding Arch:

A perfectly decorated wedding arch adds an enchanted feel to the ambiance and outlines the couple in the most mesmerizing way to capture their wonderful and heartfelt memories. With floral, greenery, and balloons you also need to choose the perfect fabric which can magically drape the arch for a flawless finish. Our sturdy and stylish Hexagon Metal Wedding Arch works perfect with most fabrics, as the geometric shape and sleek metallic finish give a natural cascading effect to any drape or fabric.

Chiffon- Chic and Classy

A fabric that has been best defined as heavenly because of its texture and look is chiffon. This light-weight fabric must be taken into consideration as it is not only airy but with super soft feel and translucent nature, it stays intact wherever placed, hence quite suitable to dress your hexagon wedding arch. Choose from a wide range of colors to complement your wedding aesthetics or simply get it customized as per your desires. The impact it gives will simply be unmatchable. For a grander outcome, opt for our Double Layered Chiffon Backdrop Panels that will impart a fairy-tale like feel and look to your hexagon wedding arch with its sheer beauty.

Organza and Tulle- Optimal Elegance

Although organza is stiffer than chiffon, but because of being lightweight and shiny in appearance, it is preferred by many wedding planners for adding translucent appeal to the wedding arch. Made from high quality nylon, and available in lovely hues, this elegant drapery adds a royal impact to your hexagon wedding arch. Tulle, on the other hand is perhaps the most mesmerizing fabric that will add an instant splash of sheer elegance to any plain wedding arch. Choose from sparkling patterned organza or glitter tulle fabric bolts to add ethereal touch to your wedding arch. Drape your wedding backdrop with our Fire Retardant Sheer Organza Panels or Double Sided Sheer Tulle Panels for a truly exotic effect and look.

Shiny Metallic Spandex- Ultimate Luxury

Give a bold and bedazzling appeal to your wedding arch with our super stretchy and surprisingly shiny Metallic Spandex Backdrop Panels. The peerless glint of metallic hues coupled with the seamless luster of spandex material will emanate heaps of regal sheen and imperial appeal to your wedding ambiance. Perfect for both day and night ceremonies, our Glittering Spandex Backdrop Panels will add just the right amount of glitz and glam to your event.

Satin- Sophisticated Sheen

Many couples choose soft satin fabric to drape their wedding arch because smooth and silky texture of satin looks truly dreamy and doesn’t give a wrinkly look when draped on the arch. Though satin looks luxurious on any arch, however it does wonders when swathed on hexagon wedding arch due to its flexibility and luster. Choose from our wide range of satin fabric bolts, either plain or embellished for making a style statement. Our classic Double Drape Satin Backdrop will ooze royal sheen and ethereal elegance when wrapped around your wedding arch.

So, these were some magnificent fabric choices to accentuate your hexagon wedding arch. Just by making the right fabric choice, incorporating elements such as floral arrangements or lighting, and topping it with your own creativity, you can definitely make your hexagon wedding arch look exceptionally alluring when decorating an arch for a wedding. The addition of fabrics like tulle, chiffon, or organza can transform the arch into a stunning focal point of your ceremony. Make sure you share your fabric choices in the comment section below.