What Flowers Are Suitable For A Funeral?

What Flowers Are Suitable For A Funeral?


Flowers have hidden messages that symbolize various aspects of the life cycle. From new life, growth, hope, and joy to death, grief, and mourning, they are associated with different meanings in different cultures and mythologies around the world. While creating a bouquet of vibrant flowers that represent love and hope is a joyful experience, choosing the appropriate flowers for distressing times such as funerals and memorials can be difficult. So, if you’re wondering what flowers are suitable for a funeral, we at efavormart have got you covered with both the list of popular funeral flowers that significantly aid in the bereavement process and an extensive collection of lifelike artificial flowers that’ll never wilt or perish away. Read along to gain insight into the symbolic meanings of different kinds of flowers!

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Popular Funeral Flowers

When it comes to picking flowers for a funeral ceremony, there are many options to choose from. Take a look at these popular flowers and learn what they represent to make the selection process a bit easier.


Lilies are one of the most commonly used flowers for funeral floral arrangements as they have been closely related to death and mourning since ancient times. More specifically, white lilies are symbolic of innocence, the rebirth of the soul, peace, and purity, thus they are associated with the heavens waiting for the departed soul and are known to provide comfort to the bereaved family.


With a tall structure and multiple flowers in a single stem, gladiolus is a classic choice for funerals that are often used to represent the strength of character and integrity, while conveying a message of compassion to the grieving family in such trying times. Gladioli come in a variety of colors and help create a visually stunning flower arrangement for funerals.


Another flower you’re likely to see at funeral ceremonies is the carnation. While pink carnations represent remembrance and white carnations symbolize innocence, red carnations are said to indicate pure love and admiration, making them a very popular choice for large funeral floral arrangements.


Although chrysanthemums are often used as a sign of encouragement and healing, they also represent grief and are solely used as funeral flowers in some parts of the world. Regardless of their symbolic reference, mums are widely accepted as a positive and cheerful tribute to the departed.


The king of flowers— roses are no doubt the most versatile florals out there which can be used for any event. With each color having its own meaning, roses can be easily incorporated into floral displays at funerals. White roses convey the humility and innocence of the departed; red roses are symbolic of love, respect, and sorrow; and pink roses represent appreciation and gratitude.

Orchid Stems

Orchids are underrated as mourning flowers, but they are the best ones to symbolize eternal love and remembrance for the deceased. As far as colors are concerned, pink and white orchid flowers are the appropriate colors if you’re looking for sympathy flowers for the mourning family.

Flowers are a form of communication on their own with deep emotional meanings. Their significance in every stage of the life cycle dates back centuries. In death, flowers symbolize the fragile, fleeting nature of life and are a traditional way to honor the deceased. Whether you’re on the hunt for long-lasting flowers that’ll make it through the event without wilting away or you’re looking for a suitable alternative for fresh flowers, artificial flowers are a perfect choice to make all kinds of floral arrangements. We offer a wide range of realistic-looking artificial flowers that’ll help you make funeral wreaths, floral baskets, casket sprays, or any other flower arrangement for the funeral. Do you want to know more about mourning flowers? Let us know in the comments section below!