What Is A Good Table Centerpiece?

Whether you are prepping for a weekend brunch setup or a large event decor like a birthday party, baby shower, or wedding reception, dressing up your tables with stylish centerpieces can take the simple celebration up a notch. Certainly, when it comes to wedding decorations, couples give a lot of attention to the venue decoration and table décor is no exception. Apart from coordinated table linens, engaging wedding centerpieces not only allow you to have a picture-ready piece of décor that sets the tone for the whole event but also help you showcase your unique aesthetic sense. From candles, flowers, and balloons to mirrors and mason jars, anything you choose to use as a centerpiece can do wonders especially if it matches your event theme and complements the rest of the décor design. If you are about to finalize your large event decor but unsure about what is a good table centerpiece, fret not as below are some key points to be kept in mind while choosing the best centerpiece for your party tables to keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the party.   


What Are Common Centerpieces?

When it comes to topping your tables with alluring centerpieces, you will find a lot of inspirations but few common arrangements are always in style.

Floral Arrangement

Events like birthdays, baby showers, or wedding ceremonies seem incomplete without flower decoration. We all love fresh blooms in the middle of the tables while we enjoy conversations across the table. If you want your flowers to stay fresh and lively even after the event, then nothing would serve the purpose better than artificial flowers as they are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and textures without the boundaries of season and maintenance.

If you wish to add greater volume to your large venue, then tall table centerpieces would be a great idea. Check out our over-the-table stand and add the lifelike beauty of greenery vines and floral garlands to create a showpiece that’s one of its kind.

However, if you want your guests to interact freely at the tables without any hindrance, then opt for glass vases or metal floral vases, and brace them with your favorite artificial flowers or other decorative accents like vase fillers and decorative stones to create chic table centerpieces for your party tables. Check out the tabletop & centerpieces category at efavormart to make some gorgeous centerpieces for any season and occasion.

Candle Arrangement

Certainly, candles add a touch of irrefutable glamour and dreamy allure to your large event decor. These twinkling luminaries when placed at the center of the tables jazz up the party ambiance in the most spectacular manner. Use conventional candles, LED candles, or floating candles and boost their grandeur to a whole new level by placing them atop our table mirrors & wood slices creating some captivating candle centerpieces for your simple event tables.

However, if you are looking for the most romantic and majestic wedding centerpieces to add grandeur to your party tables then opt for our 12-arm or 13 arm tall gold crystal beaded candelabra to create a superb display of luxury, height, and dimension.

How Do You Make A Cheap Centerpiece?

Even if you have reserved a small budget to style your tables with centerpieces, you can still make bold statements with simple and creative masterpieces without any extra burden on your pocket. Have a look at these impactful centerpiece ideas which are affordable, sustainable, and easily translate into your home life after the event is over.

Feather Centerpiece

Add a sophisticated flair to your large event decor by creating simple yet eye-catching details on your tables. Showcase natural real ostrich feathers in glass or metal floral vases to make tables not just pretty but interesting. Besides being inexpensive, this centerpiece is also easy and quick to put together, giving you more time for other tasks.

Statement-Making Solo Planters

Enrich the beauty of your party tables with an amazing range of tabletop planters— a true showing of “less is more” with an element of design that will last longer with the same beauty and splendor. Explore efavormart to choose from ceramic planters, wood planters, and moss planters and elevate your table beauty up a notch.

Party Favors As Centerpieces

There is a brilliant idea to keep yourself under the budget by incorporating your party favors into your table décor and keeping your guests enthused throughout the party. Opt for our gold party favor boxessilver gift jars, or favor bags and display them using decorative trays to create unique focal points on your tables. 

What Is The Appropriate Height For A Dining Table Centerpiece?

Certainly, a carefully chosen and correctly placed centerpiece is the easiest way to zhoosh up your table decoration. A very large centerpiece can over crowd the table while too small arrangement also looks out of place so finding the right size is the key to a gorgeous and practical table decor. Depending on the size of your table and décor requirements, it is always suggested to keep centerpieces below eye level to avoid blocking the view while dining, unless you use a tall centerpiece with a narrow base. Your short dining table centerpiece must be 12 inches or under while the tall ones can reach up to 24 inches or a little higher.     

Undoubtedly, the purpose of a centerpiece is to magnify the décor of the tables while letting your guests indulge in meaningful conversations without any hindrance. To choose the perfect piece of art for your event, check out our centerpiece category and let us know about your favorite ones in the comment section below.