What Is A Modern Wedding Theme?

What Is A Modern Wedding Theme?


What is a modern wedding theme?”, is a question that often crosses the mind when the subject of modern wedding pops up. For the benefit of uninitiated, let us explain it in simple terms. A modern wedding should be full of on-trend inspiration. From ceremony backdrops and aisles to tablescapes, chairs, and menus, everything should be contemporary. After all, your wedding is one of those rare occasions when you have the opportunity to showcase your love for chic things. Clean lines, metallic motifs, and geometric centerpieces are some of the elements that you can choose for a modern wedding theme. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the color scheme for your wedding, as colors have the power to make or mar any event irrespective of the objects you choose. We will help you find the perfect wedding colors for 2021 by sharing with you all the color combinations that look amazing and will be a total hit in 2021.

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Wedding Dress Colors That Stand Out

Most people love wedding dress shopping as it is full of fun and excitement. Though exciting, it is no easy task. Even after procuring your favorite dresses, there may be a need for alterations to make them fit for the special day. Instead of a traditional white bridal gown, choose bold and unconventional prints for your wedding. Choose from a floral wedding dress, blush wedding dress, a blue bridal gown, black bridal gown, and more! Select your accessories like hairpins, ribbons, and heels thoughtfully. If you want to dress your flower girls in a voguish manner for the special day, opt for our shimmering tutu dresses, flower girl dress, bridal headpieces to make a style statement.

The Contrast of Blue and Orange for your Tablescape

Orange and blue make one of the most powerful color contrasts, and opting for these two colors for your tablescape will grab everyone’s attention. Drape your tables with blue table runners, cover your chairs with navy blue chair covers and spandex chair sashes. When the tables and chairs are ready, add a few embellishments like orange vase fillers and orange pom pom balls to let your table space stand out. The color scheme of orange and blue has been there for some time now in modern weddings and is receiving growing attention and appreciation.

Pink and White Wedding Backdrops to Frame Your Wedding in Style

When discussing wedding colors 2021, backdrops and altars cannot be missed out, as these set the tone for any wedding style, modern or traditional. There are loads of backgrounds available in the market. Without thinking a lot, select our head-turning wedding altars, arches, and backdrops. Walk to the arranged altar through glittering black aisle runner, and then take your wedding vows against the lovely background of a white wedding stand and pink curtain panels.

Type Your Wedding Invitations in Cinnamon Rose and Dusty Rose

Don’t miss out on wedding invitations when deciding on wedding colors 2021. As wedding invitations go out in advance, they give an idea about what sort of wedding is in store. Type your wedding invitations in cinnamon rose & dusty rose to let your guests know that there will be a modern wedding.

Choosing Color for Your Wedding Cake

The color of your cake can also follow the theme of your wedding. If you’ve decided on a modern rustic outdoor ceremony, you can choose shades of gray for your cake. While dark colors are suitable for a fall wedding theme, soft pastel colors are perfect for a spring wedding. Decorate your wedding cake with cake toppings that match the wedding theme. For couples, who have a knack for adventure, a red velvet cake with white or colored frosting is best. For a perfect cake display, use a modern wedding cake stand and geometric cake riser.

For more wedding color ideas, do comprehensive research. We hope the wedding colors 2021 that we highlighted here will inspire you and make your special day a memorable day of your life. We also hope that “what is a modern wedding theme?” is no longer a concern for you.