What is needed for a backyard tent wedding?

What is needed for a backyard tent wedding?


Weddings are such beautiful and enchanting events where there is love and only love all around. Choosing the venue for a wedding is an important part and if you love nature and want to be around it, then picking backyard as your wedding venue will be an ideal choice. From sumptuous foliage to cheerful flowers and shining lights, a backyard tent wedding could teleport you and your guests into a magical fantasyland. With the prevailing uncertainty, you can still have the wedding of your dreams where you are not confined in an indoor space and a small backyard tent wedding is one of them. If you are searching for ideas on ‘What is needed for a backyard tent wedding?’ Continue reading as we have shared some breathtaking backyard tent wedding ideas that will help you put together a backyard tent wedding reception that will look picture-perfect.

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Freedom to Get Creative!

Backyard tent weddings are cozy, accessible, and possibly the finest place to say, ‘I do’. Hosting a small backyard tent wedding gives you the freedom to get creative and unleash your artistic side. It provides you with an opportunity to build the venue the way you want, just like a blank canvas where you paint according to your taste. Since the nature serves as a beautiful backdrop but there is something else that is needed for a backyard tent wedding reception and it is an ambiance with an assortment of whimsical decor, creative lighting, and custom flooring that will add a wow factor into your big day as well as will outcast your creativity.

Trendy Tented Entry!

What is needed for a backyard tent wedding to make it standout? Well, an eye-catching draped tent that creates an intimate space while sheltering guests from the elements and gives your wedding reception a grand entrance. To help you set an elegant, formal and statement entrance for your tent wedding in backyard, we offer our ceiling drapes sheer curtain panels that will create symmetrical balance with beautifully flowing layers of delicate Voile fabric or even our shade sails can bring a modern twist into your backyard wedding tent decorations. These backyard tents for wedding can be fixed with our metal Canopy Backdrop Stand to effortlessly create a spectacular backyard wedding tent. You also need to modify your tented space as it is a much needed decor for your small backyard tent wedding, so choose our bulb string lights along with lighting diamond chandelier and provide that unsurpassed beauty and exotic radiance that your backyard wedding tent decorations deserves.

A Captivating Head Table!

Setting up a captivating and alluring floral head table inside your tent is also what is needed for a backyard tent wedding, as a well decorated head table not only highlight the look and feel of a tent wedding in backyard but also works as an anchor element while planning any wedding decor. Start off, by dressing your tables with white tablecloths and spread a lovely floral charm by further accenting the head table with lovely floral centerpieces, featuring bountiful plants & artificial flowers and give your backyard tent wedding a truly magical feel.

Gorgeous Chair Adornment!

Apart from other decor, chair adornment is also what is needed for a backyard tent wedding as it adds personality and elevates its visual impact. With our amazing collection of Chiavari, banquet and folding chairs you can create an elegant and sophisticated seating arrangement. Adorning the bride and groom’s chairs with our flower garland will be the highlight of your backyard tent wedding and adding a whimsical personalized touch by hanging a DIY Wood Sign, scribbled with ‘I do’ & ‘I do what she says’ using chalk markers will definitely add that wow factor. Gorgeous chair decor is what is needed for a backyard tent wedding as it magically turns it into a beautiful part of your backyard tent wedding vision.


Backyard tent wedding is probably one of hottest wedding decor trends nowadays. We hope that with these backyard wedding tent ideas you know exactly what is needed for a backyard tent wedding to make it a successful and unforgettable event. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!