What Is The Best Artificial Ivy?

What Is The Best Artificial Ivy?


Plants impart a serene and refreshing flair to the surroundings and thus are the perfect accent pieces for home and event decor. Artificial plants are a preferred choice for decoration as they imitate the beauty of their natural counterparts and are easy to maintain, long-lasting, and cost-effective as well. If you’re looking for interesting ways to decorate with plants, opt for fake vines that’ll add texture and color to the otherwise dull decor. For this purpose, you can use artificial ivy to make wreaths, suspend them from ceilings, arrange them on backdrops, spread them on tabletops, and stylize your flower arrangements to infuse a surreal appeal into the event decor. But you might be wondering now what is the best artificial ivy? Always select fake ivy decorations that are made of high quality, strong, and durable UV protected material, and have a realistic appearance. Keep reading as ahead we’ve answered a few queries related to faux vines.

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Why You Should Use Artificial Vines?

Artificial vines mimic the texture and color of natural plants and require less care and attention as you don’t need to fertilize or water them. Also, sunlight is not a requisite for faux vines so you can easily place them anywhere you want to add a fresh look to your party space. They are everlasting as they don’t wilt, remain in shape, and are durable which makes them cost-efficient decor pieces. Moreover, fake vines are attractive and aesthetically pleasing and you can design interesting decorations using them for a mesmerizing setup.

Do Fake Vines Look Good?

Definitely, fake vines that look realistic in appearance are a great way to effortlessly add greenery and liveliness to your surroundings elevating the aesthetics to a whole new level. Opt for artificial vines that imitate the texture, color, and proportion of their natural counterparts. Moreover, avoid vines that are extra glossy, have water droplets, or if all the leaves are of equal size as with too many fake details they’ll look unrealistic and unattractive.

How To Decorate With Artificial Ivy?

Enliven your event ambiance by incorporating artificial ivy for eye-catching decor. Whether it’s a wedding ceremony, bridal shower, birthday party, or any other festivity, you can use artificial ivy wall panels or vines to design scintillating backdrops and decorate the ceiling and tables to add a rejuvenating touch to the decor. For a simple yet charming backdrop for the wedding ceremony, install a wooden square arch stand and drape white sheer curtains along with green real touch artificial ivy leaf garlands generating a gorgeous allure. Moreover, arrange white sheer ceiling drapes on the roof and creatively suspend green real touch artificial ivy leaf garlands to add a majestic allure to the wedding reception decor. Also, glam up the wedding tablescapes by setting artificial green ivy leaf vines with fairy string lights along the middle to ooze sparkle and glow.

Whereas, if you want to create an elegant backdrop for your outdoor garden-themed birthday party, cover the backdrop stand with assorted artificial ivy mix greenery wall panels along with pretty blooms and set a ‘’happy birthday’’ neon sign in the middle to exude a glamorous appeal.  Further, enhance the ambiance by hanging bulb string lights along with green real touch artificial ivy leaf garlands and metal weave basket candle lanterns all over the place to augment the aesthetics by manifolds. 

Make alluring decorations using artificial vines to create a refreshingly charming and lively ambiance at your event. So, how are you going to incorporate them into the decor? Let us know in the comment box below!