What Is The Best Length For Curtains?

What Is The Best Length For Curtains?


It is always fun to design the home interiors with simple yet stylish accessories like comfortable furniture, bright paint colors, catchy wall art, and of course stylish curtains for your doors and windows. There are great options to add luxury to your windows like valances, blinds, shades, shutters, but the most popular preference is curtains as they modishly conceal your window while pulling all the design elements together and instantly elevate your dull and dreary space. If you are in a process of freshening up your home décor and finalizing the window treatments but unsure about which curtain length looks best? Then read on further to not only get answers to all your curtain-related queries but also explore some fascinating curtain ideas to blend with your room's interior and personal aesthetics.


Types Of Curtain Lengths

Earlier, curtains and drapes were mainly used to keep the rooms bright and sunny with an element of providing absolute privacy but with new trends, they have become a fundamental part of interior décor and now there are many creative ways to adorn your windows with swags of various measurements. We have listed some of the popular curtain lengths below to help you choose one that best suits your space.

Standard Curtain Lengths

With so much innovation and modification in interior designing and styling, curtains and drapes are now available in various lengths and styles to blend conveniently with your taste and requirements. Efavormart offers budget-friendly curtain panels in numerous sizes and each one serves a purpose but you can always alter them as per your need and room requirements. Keep the functionality, look, fabric, maintenance, and durability in mind while choosing the perfect curtains to add flair and elegance to your home.

Window-Sill Curtains

Small windows, especially the one in your kitchen provides natural light, airflow, and surely increases the appearance of space with style so window- sill curtains, are said to be the best option for kitchen curtains as they end right at the window sill where the window is a bit elevated. Check out our cabana print curtain panels as these semi-sheer curtains let the soft sunlight peep into your kitchen space keeping it well ventilated and bright.

Floor-Length Curtains

Long drapes in the living room bring a crisp and neat feel with a touch of class and luxury. But living room curtains stay just 1/2 inch above the floor and fall back easily whenever moved. As they don't quite touch the floor, they hang perfectly straight keeping the hem clean from dirt. Frame your window with our handmade faux linen curtain panels using a sleek curtain rod which will not only reduce the outside noise but also enliven your living room with a fresh and chic look. Check out our attractive range of home curtains available in natural shades to fit flawlessly with your living room décor.

Screen Your Windows With Style

So, after the measurements have been taken and the desired lengths are finalized comes the most fun and interesting part of choosing the right curtains to add warmth and a cozy feel to your interiors. Visit efavormart if you are looking for the right fabric, curtain rods, or tiebacks as our spectacular range of curtains and accessories will help you pull off a classy yet simple, cozy, and lively home décor. Here are a few inspirations for you to add luxury as well as a dramatic feel to your space with our top-notch curtain selection.

Revamp Your Interiors With Innovative Blackout Curtains

Thinking of taking a nap during the day or a perfectly tranquil environment for an undisturbed good night's sleep? No worries— our blackout curtains will do the needful by instantly transforming the look and feel of your room. Available in stunning designs and cool colors to suit your mood and décor style, our gorgeous blackout curtains are perfect for styling windows, French doors, and sliding doors.

Impart Luxurious Allure With Fancy Curtains

A peppy backdrop for momentous occasions like birthdays, baby showers, and weddings is one of the must-have décor essentials to capture the merry moments. Our premium quality sequin curtains come with convenient rod pockets that add gorgeous pizzazz to your party décor. Moreover, you can swap your regular bedroom curtains with shiny organza curtains to add a dreamy touch with grace and simplicity.

Undoubtedly, treating your windows with the right dressing is an art and knowing the exact height, taking the correct measurements, and choosing the right curtains is the key as selecting the wrong window treatment can actually mess up your whole décor. Do visit our online store to check out our exclusive yet cheap curtains and let us know which ones you will pick to prettify your windows with flair and style in the comments section below.