What Is The Meaning Of A Kissing Ball?

What Is The Meaning Of A Kissing Ball?


Decorating with fresh-cut blossoms has been a practice for centuries and still is today. A timeless décor accent that’s increasing in popularity is the kissing ball. Earlier these flower balls, also known as pomander kissing balls, were made of twine and evergreen branches but over time, these spheres have evolved into a new versatile and everlasting flower arrangement using silk and fake flowers for home and event décor. Although kissing balls made from real blooms and greenery have their significance but they eventually wilt away after some time. However, floral balls made from premium quality silk flowers help you create hassle-free and everlasting decor with little upkeep. If you are still wondering what is the meaning of a kissing ball, fret not, and keep reading to discover all your answers along with many interesting ways to incorporate these attractive orbs into your arrangements.

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Where Do You Hang A Kissing Ball?

A pomander kissing ball is a very versatile flower arrangement that can be used in many creative ways. You can either hang them from the ceiling using decorative ribbons or place them on top of any vase or riser stand to create an instant centerpiece for a stunning table décor. Keep reading to find ideas about where to hang these fabulous balls to add an eye-catching detail to your décor and designs in any season and occasion.

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Home Decor

If you are lucky to have a bay window facing the front of your house, then an amazingly stunning view can be created with dangling kissing balls in varying heights, sizes, and colors using matching or contrasting bands. Moreover, you can easily trade your old floral wreath for a big, bold, and beautiful kissing ball. Check out our silk rose pomander kissing ballsartificial dahlia flower kissing balls, or silk hydrangea kissing flower balls, and choose the one that matches your taste and interior décor design to ensure your home is full of life and good cheer.

Event Décor

Undoubtedly, flowers imbue natural freshness and radiance to any dull and monotonous event, and kissing balls are a great addition to your wedding, baby shower, or birthday décor. To give your wedding that added romantic feel, dangle red, gold, or dusty rose silk rose kissing balls on the walls, doors, chairs, or wedding arch using satin or burlap ribbons.

The key to uplifting your birthday ambiance and setting the mood for a thrilling birthday party is to create a jaw-dropping party backdrop that helps you capture the beautiful memories in a striking frame. This time, when transforming your plain wall into a lively photo shoot spot, go for a rainbow-inspired theme instead of a simple monochromatic setup by hanging lovely hydrangea kissing balls in all the flamboyant colors to perfectly replicate the liveliness of a rainbow.

How Many Flowers Does It Take To Make A Kissing Ball?          

Traditionally kissing balls were made of evergreen branches but now they are made with silk flowers, fresh blooms, and even tissue paper flowers. Although they are readily available in unlimited colors and textures but if you wish to create a minimum of 4-inch artificial flower balls, you will be needing nearly 35 silk, foam, or tissue paper flowers, whichever suits your taste and décor setting. Moreover, while simple goes a long way, adding a variety of blooms in contrasting colors to the core will surely be an exciting treat to the eyes.

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How Do I Make A Kissing Ball?

Kissing balls are striking spheres of flowers and greenery. These lovely accents are available in many different sizes and styles but if you are looking for some ideas to create your personalized mistletoe balls then the process is very easy and interesting. With limited supplies like Styrofoam balls, silk flowers, glue gun, and bamboo skewers, you can create exclusive flower balls which can either be hung from the ceiling, displayed on tables in vases, or can even float on water to mesmerize your guests. After making a hole on each side of the styrofoam ball, gently push the ribbon through the holes leaving enough ribbon on each side to hang your finished piece of art. Use silk roses, silk flower heads, or paper flowers to cover the ball completely using hot glue. However, the option to order our ready-to-use, fully assembled kissing balls that come with ribbons is always open if you need to add an instant dose of cheer and vibrancy to your décor.   

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Undoubtedly, when it comes to celebrating holidays, seasons, and occasions, kissing balls make it easy to decorate your home and party ambiance within a reasonable budget. Which of our flower balls will you pick to add a dramatic flair to your existing décor? Let us know in the comment section below.