What is The Purpose Of a Unity Candle At a Wedding?

What is The Purpose Of a Unity Candle At a Wedding?


We all know that candles are one of the most beautiful decorative accessories in any wedding, as they represent love and bring an instant romantic feel into the entire ambiance. Not just for decorations, these candles have some traditional and ritual significance too, for instance, lighting of the wedding unity candles. Well, the use of these wedding unity candles is getting popular in the modern wedding ceremonies, which makes many of us think that ‘What is the purpose of a unity candle at a wedding’ and are they a must have part of a wedding? Well, lighting of wedding unity candles had nothing to do with any particular faith, but they do have some symbolic meaning. If you also want to include this tradition in your upcoming nuptial but don’t know how to conduct the unity candle ceremony, read along and learn about the imagery and possible uses of these wedding unity candles.

wedding unity candles

Understand the Purpose!

Before you decide to add this tradition into your wedding, do understand the symbolic meaning of lighting wedding unity candles. As the name indicates, it’s the merging of two individuals, uniting as one as well as the coming together of two families in joint love for the new pair. The use of wedding unity candles is probably the most famous part of the unification ceremonies; it’s the main highlight of the entire event where everyone loves watching the unity candle ceremony. These wedding unity candles are a glowing reminder that in a true matrimony two individuals form a new identity as a couple and their wedding is now more important than individual desires.

Choose the Right Unity Candles!

Since the presentation of unity candles is what makes this ceremony unique and exquisite, so there is a certain style and type of candles that are used for this purpose. Typically, a round or square taper candle is used that can be adorned with other embellishments to look more elegant and whimsical. These wedding unity candles are traditionally in ivory or white color and luckily our online store offers an exclusive range of amazing burning tapers as well as flameless taper candles that are practical for outdoor weddings as well as for in venues that prohibit flames. These wedding unity candles are the candles of marriage and commitment because it will take these two people working together to keep it aflame.

Order of Placement!

The purpose of lighting the wedding unity candles during the ceremony is a special way to represent two lives joining together as one, and thus the arrangement of these wedding unity candles is also done in the same way to bring that feeling into the entire ambiance. Wedding unity candles are a set of three candles, where one large taper candle is placed in the center along with two thin taper candles. By lighting these wedding unity candles, the couple promises that from this day onward, they will bask in the beauty of the light of their love and the light of these wedding unity candles will always shine bright and steady upon their path together.

How Is It Conducted!

As the name suggest a wedding unity candles symbolizes the ‘unity’ or joining of two individuals and their families, so while conducting the unity candle ceremony the couple and their family both are involved. The common tradition of performing this act is started just before the wedding vows where the bride and groom’s mothers or any other family member come forward and light the two wedding unity candles for the couple. The bride and groom follow and pick these flickering taper candles to light the middle wedding unity candles, representing their union as well as the affection, power and knowledge of their family’s fire as kindling for their own. Lighting the single wedding unity candles, while leaving the tall taper candles burning is a common commitment of two individuals for honoring their separate selves, uniqueness and autonomy.


We hope that our shared aspects of using wedding unity candles were helpful enough to make you understand that ‘What is the purpose of a unity candle at a wedding?’ and how you can easily choose from our best collection of taper candles to fit best as wedding unity candles at your event. So, what is your opinion about it, do share with us in the comment section below!