What Is The Purpose Of Tablecloth?

What Is The Purpose Of Tablecloth?


Although the basic function of tablecloths is to cover tables, they are so much more than that! A tablecloth is one of the most versatile decor elements that can be used for many different purposes. From protecting tables and covering up the imperfections to adding a pop of color and style to the decor, table linens are the go-to decorations when it comes to dressing up tables for both formal and casual events.

Table covers come in a wide variety of colors, designs, styles, sizes, and fabric materials and they can also be paired with other linen products to elevate the decor to the next level. However, people often take them for granted and opt to keep their tables bare to avoid additional expenses. But tablecloths are an accessory that can actually turn the tables for you! So, if you’re planning an event and have been questioning about what is the purpose of tablecloth, we’ve listed some key benefits and reasons for using table linens to help you learn more about the value they add to the event design!



Protects The Table

Draping your decorative table with a cover helps protect the surface from scratches, stains, spillage and scuffs. A good, high-quality table cover acts as a protective barrier and absorbs any liquid in case of accidental spills and food drops. Moreover, if you’re setting up tables for an outdoor event, using a table cover will also help prevent weather damage. Opt for disposable waterproof tablecloths to protect the tables from rain, moisture, and sunlight.

Elevates The Decor

Table linens make it very easy to impart a cohesive, harmonized appeal to the decor. If your venue offers a variety of mismatched furniture, just dress up the tables with matching tablecloths to give a uniform look to your event decor. Moreover, using fancy tablecloths accentuate the table aesthetics adding style and elegance to your overall event design. Opt for decorative linens such as sequin, taffeta, rosette or velvet tablecloths to effortlessly bring a posh allure to your decor.

Adds A Pop Of Color

Tablecloths can help bring your special themes and color schemes to life. They come in a plethora of hues and designs which adds a pop of color and texture to the design. While neutral-colored table linens impart a graceful appeal, bright and rich colors exude surreal flamboyance. Whereas, using table covers in contrasting shades creates a riveting focal point adding a fascinating, striking flair to the decor.

Hides Imperfections

One of the main purposes of table covers is to spruce up those old, drab tables and conceal those unsightly stick legs. It gives a fresh new look to the tabletops hiding any scratches, stains, and scuffs. Opt for polyester or satin tablecloths to completely cover any imperfection giving a flawless appeal to your tables.

Boost your table aesthetics with a lovely tablecloth to inject a sophisticated and refined charm into your setup. No matter the reason, decorating your tables with classy table linens never goes out of style. Browse through our extensive collection of premium table linens and grab yours now to reap all the benefits a tablecloth has to offer!