When Should You Start Decorating For Valentine's Day?

When Should You Start Decorating For Valentine's Day?


Valentine’s Day is one of the favorite holidays of the year and rightly so, as it is all about love! It is also a great opportunity to chase away the post-Christmas blues and let the hopeless romantic hidden inside you break free by decorating your space with pops of red and pink to exude warmth and love all around. So, when should you start decorating for Valentine's Day? Well, we think a couple of weeks into January is the perfect time to cast the magic of the love season since it does get a bit gloomy and dark after you store away all those festive ornaments and holiday decorations.

Whether you’ve something special planned for your partner this year or you’re throwing Valentine's Day party for all your loved ones to show them just how much they mean to you, decorating for the day of love doesn’t have to be complicated at all. In fact, there is nothing better than trying your hand at some easy Valentine's Day crafts and decorations to add a personalized touch to your celebration. So, gear up and check out our fascinating decor ideas to get crafting for the most romantic holiday of the year!

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Lovely Valentine's Day Wreaths

When it comes to going the extra mile and showcasing your love for that special person, a gorgeously decorated floral wreath hanging on the front door is surely a recipe for success. Kick things off by crafting a lovely heart-shaped wreath stuffed to the brim with red and pink artificial flowers and feathers to bring in the Valentine's Day spirit and let everyone witness your love and affection. However, if you want to start slow and add subtle hints for your loved ones to keep them guessing for what’s coming, dressing up your door with a rose gold metal hoop wreath adorned with various shades of pink silk flowers and pops of frosted green foliage will melt your valentine’s heart.

Peppy Balloon Display

Nothing says celebration quite like a bunch of balloons and since Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love, it’s the perfect time to go all out with an extravagant balloon display. Browse through our wide range of balloons that are available in all shapes, colors, sizes, and materials to pep up your space for the day of love. If you’re going for a more classic look, create a balloon arch with our red and gold heart-shaped Mylar foil balloons or prop up columns using our balloon pillar stand kit for a setup that screams festivity. Whereas, if you’re leaning towards adding a trendy and chic appeal to your decor, we suggest you opt for red, pink, rose gold, and cream-colored balloons in varying sizes and arrange them creatively to add dimension and bring a romantic fullness to your space.

Gorgeous Floral Arrangements

It is no secret that flowers can liven up even the most mundane of places. Thus, creating gorgeous Valentine's Day flower arrangements to deck up your tables can elevate your decorations tenfold not to mention evoke a romantic flair. Whether you prefer to use artificial flowers or their real counterparts, bunch them up with foliage and other textural elements for a stupendous display that’ll surely bewitch your special valentine. In case you want to make a riveting decor statement with your Valentine's Day flowers, adorn your walls with our flower wall panels and garlands or string pretty red roses together and hang them from a tree branch mounted on the wall while scattering red silk rose petals down on the floor to add more flower power into your decor.

Even if you’re not the mushy type, it’s hard not to fall in love with Valentine's Day. After all, who doesn’t like celebrating love and their loved ones! We hope our wonderful decor ideas have inspired you to fill your space with season-appropriate decorations and feel the spirit of love all season long. Please share your thoughts and opinions about this blog in the comments section below!