When Your Wedding “Marries” Independence Day

When Your Wedding “Marries” Independence Day


Are you going to tie the knot on the 4th of July? Make no mistake, it’s a perfect excuse to weave a little American pride into your Big Day. But how do you throw a patriotic wedding without looking cheesy? With these easy-to-follow tips and awesome ideas, including a sprinkle of Independence Day won’t make your partyscape look trivial.

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Bride & Bridesmaids

Patriotic wedding doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear a “Stars and Stripes” dress. A subtle hint of patriotism will look more sophisticated than a straight-forward combo of reds, whites, and blues. For example, you’ll never go wrong with a traditional white wedding gown coupled with navy or burgundy outfits of your bridesmaids. Fashion your look with a modish bouquet that consists of peach and burgundy open roses paired with greenery and baby’s breath blooms.



Invite with the Fourth in mind!

Go patriotic right off the bat with the Fourth-inspired invitations. The crafty can use our DIY supplies  and make these themselves. However, if you are short on time, you can always purchase a bunch of on-theme personalized invitations in the nearest stationary store.

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Table setting

Of course, you can always spread a stripe red-white runner atop your blue tablecloth, scatter star-shaped confetti, and add a dozen of red napkins or just go for a traditional picnic tableclothHowever, with our chevron sequin runners paired with navy linens, you’ll end up with a far more voguish presentation that won’t look off-theme. Sequins do not suit your needs? Your tablescape will look as patriotic as it gets with our red organza runner and blue mini calla lilies


Love the rustic charm? Accessorize your plain table with this lovely patriotic bouquet styled with a burlap ribbon!

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 “Cake” it patriotic

Since cake is a focal point of any wedding, it should be the main “reflector” of your theme. This showstopper (see the left picture) will bedazzle your quests with its soft teal icing finish, burgundy rose accents, and gold foiled base – all enhanced with a gold plateau and a gold topper. In case you’re looking for something more simplistic and absolutely budget-friendly, you can apply red and blue berries to a snow-white icing.

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Interested? These ideas are just “appetizers” for your inspiration. If you’re willing to learn more about how you can make your wedding more patriotic and how much it will cost you, please don’t hesitate to stop by our online store and Pinterest page.