When Does Sand Ceremony Occur In Wedding?

When Does Sand Ceremony Occur In Wedding?


A wedding is an important event and it is celebrated by exchanging vows, rings, and prayers. The addition of a unity ceremony will make your wedding soiree special like the unity sand ceremony to honor your commitment. The wedding sand ceremony symbolizes the unification of bride and groom and the creation of a new family. It gives a personalized romantic touch to your wedding and it also creates an everlasting memento to remember your big day. If you are looking for a heart touching way to customize your wedding, consider including a sand ceremony in it and you might be wondering now where does the sand ceremony go in a wedding? The sand ceremony mostly happens after the exchange of wedding vows and rings. Below we’ve listed everything you need to know about the wedding sand ceremony to help you plan it flawlessly.

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How To Perform A Wedding Sand Ceremony

To perform the ceremony all you need is a table positioned close to the altar and two small vases filled with sand and one clear vase. The bride and groom simultaneously pour the sand from their respective vases into the empty unity vase combining the sand into the mixture that is inseparable to signify their union and devotion. While performing the sand ceremony, the couple can stay silent, deliver a speech, or include their favorite song. To mark the end of this soulful ceremony a poem or a reading is recited to make it more heartwarming.

Exquisite Containers For Marriage Sand Ceremony

There are many sand ceremony ideas and you can customize them according to your style. You can get creative with the choice of the unity vase as it is meant to be a souvenir make sure it’s unique and pretty. Add a personal touch by printing your name initials or your wedding date on a unity vessel. Bring a stylish twist by using a photo frame for your wedding sand ceremony. Also, you can use customized decanter, cork bottle, apothecary jars with lids, and geometrical vases. If you’re having a beach wedding pour the sand with seashells adding a charismatic charm to your beach wedding sand ceremony.

Sand For Wedding Sand Ceremony

Sand used in the unity sand ceremony can be neutral in color to glorify your lifelong commitment or you could choose different color sand to maintain the individuality. You can also match the color of the sand with the overall color scheme of the wedding. Or if you want to add color symbolism then select the sand in colors that best describe your emotions. Moreover, you can pick sand from the places that have significance in your life like a home town beach or from the beach where you’ve first met or the places you’ve visited together. If you don’t have any particular sand preference then you can simply use decorative sand.

Adorable Family Unity Sand Ceremony

Mostly brides and grooms fill the unity vessel to express their love but this idea works best for couples having children too, as they can also participate to show their unity as a one family. Use the different colored sand to represent every family member and the resulting unity vase will be colorful and stunning.


The wedding sand ceremony is a lovely way to show your affection and provides you with the lifelong keepsake from your wedding. So how are you going to fit the sand ceremony into your wedding soiree? Do tell us in the comments section below!