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Calla Lily

Calla Lily

No celebration is complete without flowers, however, since it’s quite difficult to preserve their fresh-cut look, many of us use blooms in tiny portions or avoid using them at all. Meanwhile, our handcrafted calla lilies mimic the natural construction of a fresh calla lily flower and last longer than forever, meaning that you can prepare your inexpensive lily decorations or keepsakes months before the event and use as many flowers as you want.

With an extensive array of colors, you can always find something suitable for your unique color scheme, whether you need a purple calla lily, red calla lily, or white calla lilies to complement your white and yellow calla lily wedding bouquet. As for the materials, you can choose between our silk mini calla lily single stem flower, calla lily clay flowers, or mini satin calla lily flower accented with teeny tiny pearl beads - all are perfect for those who are after something other than paper calla lilies.

Once you make a choice, you can use our lilies on their own or complement them with other craft blooms, beads, or ribbons from efavormart. In case you don’t have time to assemble bouquets for yourself, we can offer you our splashy artificial handcrafted lily flowers bridal bouquet. Dying to learn more about our calla lily prices? Don’t hesitate to browser through our selection today!

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