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Since the dawn of time, we’ve always been attracted to two things – fire and water. Today, nothing has changed. If you’re planning a celebration and willing to win everybody’s hearts, we suggest you unite both of the elements with the help of our floating candle decorations. Made of high-quality materials, these darlings will cost you less than $3, which is cheaper than a Champagne Toast candle, for example.

In our collection of floating flower candles, you’ll discover rose floating candles available in a full selection of colors. As for the sizes, you can find rose floating candles that are 2.5 inches in diameter and mini floating rose candles, which are only 1 inch in diameter. All our candles are best to be used in floating water candle holders. To kick their splendor to a whole new level, coordinate them with our jelly water beads, faux pearls, acrylic ice cubes, flowers, or whatever crosses your mind!   

With efavormart, there’s no need to rack your brains over how to make DIY floating candles, our top-standard yet cheap floating candles will blow you away before you know!

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