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Creating the perfect centerpiece can be a work of art. However, floating candles can inspire you to create a unique centerpiece that seems to defy gravity. A variety of candles can be used for these floating arrangements. Heart floating candles and rose candle options are popular choices. A round or cylindrical floating candle holder is necessary to complete this elegant centerpiece. Floating centerpieces can be constructed in a matter of ways. Some wedding planners keep the centerpiece simple by floating a candle on top of a centerpiece filled with water. Adding a few drops of food coloring can allow you to coordinate the color of the centerpiece to your wedding color. Another option is to add decorative rocks or acrylic ice to the floating candle holder and then add water and a rose candle. A creative alternative is to add a few pieces of decorative rocks or ice to the bottom of the holder and then to use fresh or silk flowers to the arrangement. A colorful candle on top of the arrangement will finish your submerged centerpiece. Browse our selection of floating candles for your centerpieces today!
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