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Whether looking for the perfect candles for your wedding reception or for a baby shower, you'll find plenty of options here at For your little one's celebrations, there are baby shower favors candles in a variety of boys, girls, and gender neutral styles to choose from. There are little baby booties, baseballs, milk bottles and more candle baby shower favors to choose from. Looking for more general candles to select from? Aside from our detailed assortment of baby shower favors candles, you'll also satisfy your needs for any other occasions with our votives, candles, and wedding favor candle selection. We have scented candles, wedding favor candles, and other quality candles all at votive candle holder wholesale pricing. To complete your floating candle centerpiece you'll need floating candle holder bowls as well!

Of course you can wrap up or personalize your candle baby shower favors or floating candle holder with personalized ribbon as well. That added touch makes any of our votive candles the perfect centerpiece display to match with eachtable cover and wholesale chair covers and sashes.