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Crystal Candle Holders

For thousands of years, candles have been illuminating mankind’s celebrations. Today, these twinkling luminosities are not used as a source of light – instead, they symbolize celebration, soothe feelings, and signify romance. At the same time, no matter how gorgeous your candles are, chances are they’ll blur with other decorations unless you provide each of them with a unique little holder. To prevent this from happening, we’ve got you covered with a collection of wholesale crystal candle holder centerpieces.

Whichever types of candles you have – votive, tea light, or taper candles – our collection will always provide you with something perfectly fitting. Looking for votive candle holders in bulk? We can offer you our tall metallic gold crystal beaded pillar votive tea light candle holder wedding centerpiece (if you need a tall pillar gold candle holder) or gemcut crystal glass votive candle holder centerpiece (in case you love the way all-crystal candlestick holders catch the light). Have lots of candles? Look no further than our collection of candelabra where you can find options both for your votives and taper holders. Depending on how many candles you want to place on your table, you can choose between our 28'' silve metal 5-arm candelabra votive candle holder centerpiece with crystal chains and big teardrops, 40'' tall crystal beaded 13-arm candelabra centerpiece, 46'' tall 9-arm premium hurricane taper crystal glass candle holder centerpiece, and beyond!

These are only a few pickings from our huge collection. To see our full variety, please stop by our collection at now!

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