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Gold Props & Columns

Your wedding is special – so everything about it has to be unique and innovative too! Our column decorations for wedding will impart a regal touch to your reception. You may place our tall gold columns on the floor – or put the shorter ones on your buffet table to enhance its elegance! Spread some rose petals around their base or leave them as they are - the choice is yours!

Our gold metal candle flower holder will be the centrepiece of your dinner table. Rather, you would be pleasantly delighted to see your guests glancing at it – again & again! Continue to impress them with our rose gold mosaic floor vase that can adorn your entry passage and delightful corners. Now place some pretty silk flowers in our crystal beaded gold column – and let them spread their fragrance around!

Our gold Roman Empire plant stands will impart a classy touch to your reception. Use them as they are or place tiny potted plants on them! Next, enhance the beauty of your event with our crystal studded French colums – that you may embellish with LEDs, flowing ribbons or flowers. Also, your candlelight dinner is incomplete without our crystal studded plant stand – to hold the candles all around your banquet!

At, we strive to offer you top rated products to enhance the beauty of your function. Our column props would look magnificent – no matter where you place them! Visit us to explore our wide range of gold props and columns – and be ready for compliments all day!

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