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Ivy Garlands


While decorating with floral arrangements are always adorable, adding ivy garland bulk into your interiors is a refreshing and impressive way to mimic the outdoors, whatever the season may be. From delightful eucalyptus and boxwood to voluminous ivy, there are a multitude of garlands and vines to choose from and even more DIY ways to adorn your home with them. With beautiful flowers and surprisingly realistic looking foliage falling out of a handbasket or suspended on a wall, our artificial ivy garlands are certainly not to be overlooked. Feel the flourishing of nature around you while still having ample room space and the comfort of knowing that your indoor greenery does not require any sort of up keeping.

Our artificial ivy garland bulk is a perfect addition to planter boxes and as a creeper along windowsills, guaranteed they will bring color where it is missing. They are also easy to twist and bend and are pliable enough to form into your desired shape. Ideal for all seasons, these artificial ivy garlands won't wither in the high temperature or freeze in the cold because the leaves are crafted from the finest silk and the stems are made of flexible and durable plastic. These plastic ivy vines are also cost-effective and can be placed anywhere in the home and can be used on any type of occasions such as a wedding, birthday party, graduations, anniversaries, and more!

Looking for artificial vines for outdoor use? Your search ends here! Our artificial ivy garlands are UV Protected and can no doubt aid in setting your party’s atmosphere. Give some color to a boring pole, tables, and plain banister. Our plastic ivy vines are available in different lengths and can be easily connected if you need a lot longer than a piece. Lengths available are 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 11ft, etc.

Check out a few of our artificial garlands and vines: Artificial Eucalyptus Leaves Garland with White Natural Cotton Balls, Light & Dark Green Artificial Boxwood Leaf Garland, UV Protected Artificial Fall Ivy, and Artificial Young Clover Leaf Garland. Go ahead browse and shop our artificial ivy garlands to add an undying color and rich texture to your decors and crafts in a most realistic way.

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