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Due to the current period of uncertainty, we would understand if your event has been postponed. If you've already placed & received a personalized order where the date has been postponed, we'll be happy to reprint a replacement set with the new date free of charge. Please get in contact with our customer service team with your order# so we can help. Please stay safe out there!


Personalized Wedding Favors & Bows

Personalized Wedding Favors are a great way to specialize your wedding by creating more individual way of gifting to your guest.

When you’re planning a celebration, you want to engrave the memory in your guests’ minds. You want your special day to be something people talk about for days after it’s over.

A nice way to generate lasting memories is to create personalized favors and personalized bows for all your guests. Nowadays, you can personalize anything that is important for you. You can choose the Personalized Wedding Favors for Gifts, traditional personalized dinnerware which is great for  their dining experience. You can go to the next level and try the personalized balloon or pew bow which will make your party truly unique.

To go one step even further, create personalized favors that resemble personal gifts. Good examples are personalized bags and personalized boxes.

If you are looking for a stunning way to say to your guests, “thank you for coming to my special day”, personalized favor and bows are exactly the way to do so. Take your celebration to the next level - Find a wide range of these products and more at efavormart.

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