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Rectangle Velvet Tablecloths


If you’re looking to transform your event’s décor to exude sheer elegance and luxury, but your dull-looking tables are failing you to do so, don’t fret – stop by our collection of rectangle velvet tablecloths and purchase high-quality velvet linens at competitive prices.

Choose from our wide range of velvet tablecloths available in various sizes depending upon the style and size of your table. Our extensive range of velvet rectangular table covers includes 60x102 tablecloths90x132 tablecloths, and 90x156 tablecloths. If you’re in love with jewel-toned and rich colors for your décor, you simply won’t be able to resist purchasing our green rectangular tablcloths, wine rectangular tablecloths, or whichever color suits your décor’s color palette. If dark colors seem too overwhelming to your eyes, we recommend you to consider our light and subtle blush, charcoal grey velvet rectangular tablecloths, and beyond. Whichever color palette you choose for velvet table covers for your event’s decor, we strongly recommend you to compliment them with other velvety accessories such as velvet napkins, runners, overlays, and more.

We understand that in order to make an event’s décor shine with glamour and grandeur, quality should not be compromised. Keeping this fact as our primary concern, we offer high-grade velvet tablecloths at Please drop by our collection to judge for yourself!

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