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Square Velvet Tabelcloths

If you are an event planner and are always on the lookout for top-notch and high-grade linens at affordable prices, our square velvet tablecloth collection will exceed all your linen expectations. With fabulous characteristics such as the ability to add a luxurious and elegant touch to your tables, these velvet beauties can be used time and again without losing their luster and charm.

In case it’s a hassle for you to find the right size for your tables, you’ve found the right stop to tuck all your worries away. Our velvet square tablecloth collection offers 54x54 velvet tablecloths and 72x72 velvet tablecloths to fit your tables perfectly. Moreover, we carry an elaborate color palette to suit all your décor needs. With the rainbow of colors, you’ll never leave our store without getting your hands on a bunch of purple square velvet tablecloths, royal blue velvet square tablecloths, or champagne velvet tablecloths. If it’s the traditional black or deep red velvet décor that has always enticed you, we recommend you our black and wine square velvet tablecloths to add a luxurious touch to your table décor.

At, we realize that planning an elite décor for a grand event carries a lot of pressure to be handled alone. Thus we offer you our top-quality square velvet tablecloths at prices that are hard to beat! Please don’t hesitate to stop by our collection and have a look.

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