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The romanticism of the rose, with the longevity of enduring love is embodied in every one of our velvet roses. When budget, reusability and quality are your top concerns, decorate with the velvet flowers wholesale priced for the smart shopping bride or event planner. We offer a garden of colors as well, with red velvet roses for the traditionalist, as well as blue velvet roses and purple velvet roses to match your event color scheme.

Craft enchanting arrangements with a full variety of colors from our bulk velvet flowers collection. The only limitation of our velvet flowers is picking just the best colors to match with your overall party theme. Choose from a beautiful bouquet of velvet flowers in sets of four to decorate centerpieces or the dainty sets of velvet rose buds for vase arrangements. There is also our fully bloomed impressive velvet roses that can be used in blooms bushes or separated to each individual rose. Finally, we also have our bridal bouquets, made of the same everlasting silk flowers so brides don't have to worry about preserving them after the event.

Pick your favorite flowers from our velvet flowers wholesale collection with the everlasting velvet roses.