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Velvet Tablecloth

Looking for a glamorous drape to add a rich and luxurious touch to your tablescape? Transform your dining table into a glamorous banquet that exudes sheer grace and elegance by dressing it with our fabulous collection of velvet tablecloths.

If you’ve got a celebration planned at home or backyard and want to cover your square or rectangular tables with a luxurious velvet drape, our square velvet tablecloths and rectangular velvet tablecloths are designed to fit perfectly and will look ravishing on your tablescape. In case you are on a lookout for a stylish and practical velvet table cover for your round banquet tables, we are at your service with our round velvet tablecloths for special occasions like weddings, parties or simply for everyday use.

With an extensive range of designs, sizes and gorgeous colors of lavish velvety textured tablecloths to choose from, will meet your expectations for a grand table décor without being too heavy on the pocket. Please visit us now to see everything for yourself!

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