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Candle Holder Stand


Flaunt your floral, candle, or light display with our versatile wood, glass and metal hurricane candle holder. Crafted from high-quality materials and further beautified by light-tinted glass containers and sleek, extravagant metal tops, these wood, glass, and metal hurricane candle holder will be the focal point in your upcoming special event!

Fashioned to create a cordial and welcoming atmosphere, our amber gold hurricane candle holders are the home ornament accent piece where rustic is combined with modern style. These Gold Metal Coiled Design Glass and Lace Design Gold Amber Hurricane Glass Candle Holder With Glass Tube can be combined as a set or mixed and matched with other sizes for an unparalleled look. Standing at varying overall height along with the glass container, the tapered profile and smooth, sleek texture of the lace design, it creates a pleasing and exotic statement in any living area.

Let your creativity run wild as you light a glass geometric candle holder or a driftwood and birch candle holders wholesale to exude soft romantic glow perfect for lighting up a late-night dinner or a comforting read, or get ingenious by filling fairy lights, flower petals, rose or hydrangea heads or any other capricious accent in these multi-purpose holder stands. With a sturdy metallic gold hanging hook, this bird cage candle holder centerpieces can be used to hang from tree branches, ceilings, poles, banisters, arches, and more. The soft light amber-shaded glass holder further gives a charming glow to the votive and tealight candles that you set fire inside it.

We may not light our living room and dining area with candle lights any longer, but that doesn't mean a room can't benefit from the amorous touch flickering candles can offer. And wherever you display votive and tealight candles, candle holder stands like ours are a great option for exhibiting them and adding a classic touch to your ensemble.

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