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If you are an event planner or simply a bride who wants to save money on her big day, purchasing votive candles in bulk can save you a substantial amount of money for the event. Purchasing votive candle holders wholesale can also save money. Some wedding candles become less expensive as the number of candles that you order increase.

Votive candles are typically 1.75-inches in height. When purchasing votive candle holders wholesale, you'll often find they come in boxes that include 2.5-inch long holders as well. These types of wedding candles can be used throughout a reception site, wedding shower and ceremony site.

Floating candles can also be used in bulk. Place one to three floating candles in each centerpiece for a lovely effect. Keeping a large stock of candles available for brides can help you curtail the expense of the various accessories and decorations that are necessary to decorate your reception site or venue. Even if you are not an event planner, you can realize substantial savings by buying candles in bulk because you will likely need hundreds to decorate your venue.

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