Choose The Perfect Cake Stands

A Complete Cake Stand Selection Guide

Without a doubt, cake stands significantly enhance the overall display at an event. It plays an important role in providing support to a tiered cake with the added benefit of the decorative element. However, choosing a suitable cake and cupcake stand is not a piece of cake. A cake display stand should make the cake or any other food item placed on it look decent while also fulfilling its intended purpose. While selecting a cake plate stand there are many factors to consider such as the size of the cake stand, weight of the cake, theme of the event, design of the cake, and cake plate material. All these factors impact the overall look of the cake centerpiece. To help you pick the ideal cake stand that ticks all the boxes and is perfect for your event, we have gathered some important points for you to consider that will make it easier to choose a stellar cake stand for your event.

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1). Choose an Appropriate Size of the Cake Stand

The most important factor to consider before you go out looking for a cake stand is to know the correct size of the cake. Though cake stands are multi-purpose and can be used to place almost anything, people usually look for cake stands to exhibit the cake at an event. If you are planning to use the cake stand for either a wedding cake or a birthday cake, determining the size of the base of the cake is crucial. All cake artists use cake boards beneath their cakes. Talk to your cake decorator and find out what size of cake board they will be using to get a precise idea. Cake stands that have smaller cake plates than the cake board are not recommended as it will not provide a secure base and the cake might tip over to one side and ruin your event.

Preferably, if your cake is simple with little detailing on the edges, the size of the bottom tier cake board should be the same as the size of the cake plate. A perfect fit will give your cake the needed finishing touch and make it magnificent to look at. However, if you are unable to find a wedding cake stand that fits your tiered cake perfectly, then opt for one that is slightly bigger than the bottom tier cake board. Choosing a slightly bigger cake plate will help you place your cake efficiently and securely.

Moreover, if your cake has embellishments that need to be put on at the event venue such as succulents or you wish to add flower arrangements on cake stands, then a bigger sized cake plate will be more suitable to provide a ledge for your decorations.

However, if you plan to use the cake and cupcake stand for placing finger foods or dessert cups, consider the quantity and size of the items you need to place on the stand and choose accordingly. Most cupcake stands come with an estimated capacity of the stand which will help you determine the number of cupcakes it can hold.

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2). Consider the Weight Capacity of the Cake Stand

Extravagant cake stand for tiered cakes look mesmerizing but by adding a number of cake tiers, the weight of the stand augments as well. When choosing a cheap cake stand, it is important to know the maximum weight the cake plate can support. No one wishes that their event highlight is tilting to one side or bends in the middle. All our cake stands wholesale have the weight capacity listed which will help you choose accordingly. You can test the cake stand by placing books equivalent to the weight of the cake you plan to place on the cake stand. This experiment will give you the idea of whether the stand for cake will be able to support a large cake. For heavy cakes, metal cake stands such as our embossed cake stand is the optimal choice.  You should also never place cakes on cupcake stands.  

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3). Select A Suitable Material

The quality and durability of a cake stand is an essential factor to consider when choosing a cake stand. There are various options available to choose from according to your needs and the weight of the cake, from sturdy metal plateau stands to cardboard cake stands. If you intend to place a lavish heavy multi-tiered cake, our metal cake stands or rustic wood slice cake stands are perfect for the job as they are sturdy and have high stability. However, our cardboard cake stands can be used as a cake pop stand and also to place cupcakes and finger foods at a baby shower party. Our Exquisite acrylic and glass cake stands are best suited for single tiered cakes and give an elegant and graceful look to your cake.

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4). Consider the Theme of the Event

Coordinating the event décor with the theme of your event is essential to create a stunning ambiance. If you have a specific theme or color scheme for your event, cake stands should also reflect and harmonize with the theme. For instance, a wooden cake plate will tie up the decorations for a rustic backyard party and add a charming touch to your table décor. Focusing on décor details and using cake plates that are compatible with your theme will ooze sophistication which will surely leave your guests bedazzled.

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5). Consider the Number of Tiers and Arrangement

The guest list determines the number of cake tiers or the size of your cake, which is crucial in selecting a tiered cake stand. For a traditional three-tiered wedding cake you can use our embossed cake stand to give your cake a majestic touch. Another important factor to consider when selecting a cake stand for your event is the arrangement of the cake. Wedding cakes are displayed in many distinctive styles and it is crucial to know the design and the number of tiers in your cake. If you plan to display your cakes separately in a unique arrangement, then our acrylic cake stand set is ideal for group or asymmetrical wedding cake arrangements. You can also use our cupcake stands to arrange your cupcakes and cake pops elegantly and add an exclusive touch to the table décor.

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6). Choose a Suitable Color

There is a wide range of colorful cake stands available to choose from. Selecting an appropriate color for your cake stand can make all the difference. Where a white cake stand complements with all themes, a colored cake plate can add a pop of color on the table and brighten up your cake. For example, a rose gold wedding cake stand will add a splash of color and give your simple cake a regal look. However, if you choose a wrong colored cake stand, it will dampen the beauty of your tiered cake.

Moreover, if you are looking to just add height to your cake to command attention then our acrylic cake plate stand is ideal to elevate your cake without any other distracting element. 

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7). Keep The Design Of The Cake In Mind

It takes a lot of time, effort, and precision to create and design intricate cakes.  You don’t want to choose a cake stand style that engulfs all the attention. If you have a simple cake then you have the luxury to go for our extravagant chandelier cake stands that will add glamor to your cake. However, for opulent cakes, you can opt for a simpler design such as our crystal beaded cake stand to give your tiered cake a final touch. If you wish to add some extra embellishments to your cake at the last minute but your cake decorator cannot make it happen, you can use a decorative cake stand such as our pearl embellished cake stand to add that splendid effect.

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8). Usability And Versatility Of The Stand

People are often reluctant to invest in a cake stand mainly because of its usability after the event is over. Choosing a cake plate that caters particularly to your current needs as well as for future events is vital.  Therefore, selecting a cake stand that you will be able to use in the future for social gatherings, or birthdays is another factor to consider. Our cake stands can be used for several purposes, such as our crystal cupcake stand can also be used to place appetizers on holidays and parties. There are many creative and stylish ways a cake stand can be used, opt for one that serves its primary function and then can be reused in an artistic and inspirational way.

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9). Cost of the Cake Stand

Cake stands come in varying price ranges depending on the quality, design, and material. People often neglect the importance of cake stands due to the cost factor. Our budget friendly wedding cake stand options are mesmerizing and will not drain your pocketbook. To keep things running smoothly, first evaluate whether the quality of the cake plate and your usage is worth the money.  We have several low-cost and cheap cake stand options which are undoubtedly better than a cake stand rental. For instance, use our gorgeous silver chandelier cake stand or our cheap mirror cake stand set at your event for a magnificent cake display.

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Choosing a perfect cake stand that caters to your needs is an intelligent choice as it gives an oomph factor to your table décor without much effort. With these key factors in mind, picking appropriate cake stands is certainly easier. We hope that our guidelines to select the right cake stand have helped you to opt for a stunning cake stand that will bring an exotic charm to your table and add beauty to your cake. But sure to check out our selection of gorgeous cake stands or toppers, we’re sure you’ll be able to find one that will fit your needs perfectly!