Choose The Perfect Centerpieces

A Complete Centerpieces Selection Guide

are equally important in setting the tone of your special day as all the other wedding details, from the type of lighting décor to the color of the linens. They provide an excellent opportunity to enhance your event’s space while harmonizing your theme and style.

Centerpieces can have a big impact on your overall party décor and are one of the first details your guests will notice. Whether you opt for a traditional Floral Centerpiece, an elaborate luxe piece, or an arrangement with a fusion of both styles, your wedding centerpieces should reflect your aesthetic taste while making an instant statement about the event’s theme.

Since the significance of centerpieces in enhancing the décor of your space cannot be denied, it is crucial to choose the right table centerpiece that efficiently complements the setting and syncs with the ambiance you want to create. When choosing and creating your wedding table centerpieces, there are many factors to keep in mind. Factors such as event’s theme, venue space, table structure, and the decorative elements will all affect the impact your Table Centerpieces will have. We have comprised a list of some no-fail centerpiece design tips that are sure to help you pick and create a dining table centerpiece like a pro!

white round tablecloth with glass flower vase centerpiece

1). Know the Structure of your Tables

Before deciding on the Party Centerpieces for your tables it’s important to know the size and shape of the tables you are dealing with. After completing your guest list, decide on the number of tables that are needed and how many guests can each accommodate comfortably. Now from here, determine the size, height, and quantity of your centerpieces.

Listed below are some important centerpiece tips for the common table shapes:

  • For Round Tables, one single centerpiece in the middle is a common approach. Since round tables offer the best arrangement for socializing for the guests and are ideal for conversations, a single centerpiece that doesn’t obstruct the guests’ view works best. Go for a slender and tall centerpiece that will not only augment the elegance of your tables but will also provide an unhindered mingling experience to your guests. Our tall Eiffel Tower Centerpieces and Manzanita Tree Centerpieces are excellent choices. If you want your round table centerpiece to be extra glamorous and gaudy, nothing can beat the opulence demonstrated by our Glass Candelabras Centerpieces and Metal Centerpieces.

  • Since Square Tables contain the most central space of any table shape, there is an extra room to experiment here with the design elements of your centerpiece. Let your aesthetic creativity run free and design unique centerpieces by spreading things out and adding multiple focal points. Pick our Glass Vases and Candle Holders in multiple sizes to add dimension to your tables, or add a dash of natural green with our Moss Décor, Wooden Planters or Wood Slices.

  • For rectangle tables, a single centerpiece placed in the middle will look obviously off. These long tables call for multiple party centerpieces or Garlands that runs the entire table length. Pick the centerpieces that are narrower and longer to ensure that guests have ample space without feeling crowded. Our Horizontal Beaded Candelabras with lush Hydrangea Rose Garland is just one of the examples of many stunning style options we offer.

Besides the shape, the size of the table is yet another aspect of consideration while choosing the right centerpiece. A large centerpiece on a small table will not only overwhelm the space but will also spoil your guests’ experience. It is important that the centerpiece doesn’t obstruct the guests’ vision, and is appropriate for your table size to allow plenty of room for napkins and tableware. On the other hand, for large tables, a number of small centerpieces arranged strategically can amp up your centerpiece game. 

white round tablecloth with glass flower vase centerpiece

2). Theme And Motif Of Your Event

Like the rest of your party décor, your centerpiece should effectively illustrate the look and feel you wish to express. Whether you want something glitzy or home-spun, modern or vintage, formal or casual, your Table Centerpiece Decor choice should reflect the mood and theme of your event.

As for the themes, they depend upon many things like colors and seasons, your favorite things and hobbies, or even trending decorating styles. Though traditional wedding centerpiece ideas of floral elements are never out of style, nowadays, unique and whimsical centerpiece ideas are more in, like Glass Mirrors, Candles, Planter Boxes, Bird Cages and Greenery items. Glass Candelabra Centerpieces, Whimsical Footed Bowls, Metallic Centerpieces, and Iron Floral Vases have replaced traditional Glass Centerpieces.

white round tablecloth with gold metal centerpiece

3). Consider Your Venue

The centerpiece you choose must be appropriate for your venue. For open and windy places, candles and delicate Glass Vases may become a nuisance. Similarly, many venues have restrictions on using open flames or brittle glass. Don’t fret if you find yourself constrained by your venue’s rules and shortcomings. Opt for the versatile options we offer to get your desired look. For the arrangement that includes candles, consider our safer, Battery Operated Candles instead. Use metal, acrylic or Marble Vases instead of glass and crystal ones. With these safer and equally elegant elements, you can create the centerpiece of your vision while staying within the guidelines of your venue.

The atmosphere and architectural structure of venue also play an important role in deciding on the centerpiece. For venues with domed ceilings or exposed beams, a larger centerpiece is appropriate to keep your eyes focused on the natural beauty of the space. The same elegant centerpieces will look overbearing in a small intimate venue. Conversely, a smaller centerpiece fails to make a bold statement and tends to get lost in a spacious venue with vast ceilings.

white round tablecloth with candelabra centerpiece

Remember there is no right or wrong way to create your centerpiece. Overdoing a centerpiece will only leave you overstressed, simple can be stunning if you choose items with love and aesthetic intuition. With these useful tips in mind, you can easily make your table centerpieces into artistic MASTERPIECES!