Choose The Perfect Table Overlay

Valuable Tips to Choose the Perfect Table Overlays

Decorating an event can be a bit intimidating whether you are new to the world of event designing or you have been doing it for years. No matter the scale of the event, table décor is one of the most significant aspects of the event décor. Where tablecloths are the basic decorative accents to impart a sophisticated appeal, choosing the perfect table overlays to elegantly style your tablescapes has a huge impact on your overall aesthetics.

There is no doubt that using decorative table overlays is a great way to add a lovely touch of elegance on top of your linens. Layering the right tablecloth overlay over the right table cover can induce a spark of beauty that cannot be attained by spreading just a tablecloth on your table. However, with the plethora of colors, designs, sizes, and patterns available, selecting the perfect table topper that complements your event design can be quite overwhelming. There are several factors that should be taken into consideration before randomly purchasing table linen overlays. We have listed some key pointers to help you choose the right table overlays for a mesmerizing flair. Read on to learn some useful tips and tricks to pick the perfect table topper and prepare to make a bold statement with your sumptuous table décor at your next event!

Choose The Perfect Table Overlays

1. Determine the Shape of your Event Tables

First and foremost, before choosing table linens and overlays, it is important that you know the shape of the tables that your venue offers. Whether you’ll be able to achieve your intended look with the table overlays or not. Table cover overlays come in various shapes, therefore, it is crucial to select the appropriate table cover overlays that will be perfect for your party tables. For instance, get creative with your table decorations and opt for square table overlays that can be used on both round and rectangular tables to exude a chic and stylish appeal. If the venue has round tables, you can also pair your round tablecloth with a round table overlay giving an elegant allure to your event design.

2. Assess the Size of the Table Overlays

The next important factors to consider while purchasing overlays are to know the dimensions of your event tables and determining the size of the table topper. Choose the size of the tablecloth overlay according to the size of your table and decide the drop length you want. Measure the diameter of round tables, the length and width of rectangular tables and also the height of the tables to make the right choice. As table linen overlays are a personal design choice and some people prefer longer overlays to cover more of the cloth underneath, while others prefer shorter overlays, thus, Efavormart offers different sized table overlays to achieve the desired drop length. However, if you prefer longer table overlays, make sure that the corners of the overlay do not hang lower than the tablecloth or the table. If you would like your table topper to just hang a little, opt for a shorter table top overlay to partially cover the top of your table.

Choose The Perfect Table Overlays

3. Choose Table Overlays according to the Laying Style

Table cover overlays add elegance to the decor and act as a cherry on the top which makes the event venue look glorious and decent. There are different ways you can lay your overlays on the table to add to the dining experience of your guests. You can choose to lay square table overlays diagonally or flat, whichever table overlay ideas you pick, select the right table topper to flawlessly style your tablescape exuding a glamorous charm.

Choose The Perfect Table Overlays

4. Pick a Suitable Color

Adding a bit of color with overlays brings a new sense of energy and playful elegance to your event. Table overlays are available in a wide array of colors, from vibrant rich shades to subtle and muted undertones to complement any color scheme and design palette. Whether you are looking to create eccentric color combinations with table linens and overlays to exude a splash of flamboyance or you want to emanate an elegant charm, choose table cover overlays accordingly to your color palette for a stylish cohesive flair.

Match the color of your table topper with the color of your tablecloth, chair sashes, napkins, and other decorative accents to harmonize every aspect of your event décor giving a refined sophisticated appeal. Or play around different shades to add just the right contrast to your table imparting a peppy charm to your party decorations. For instance, cover your tables with white tablecloths and spread blue table overlays and red table overlays on alternate tables to accentuate your patriotic decorations. If you are looking to augment the extravagance of your posh décor, opt for a gold table overlay or choose darker hues such as our navy table overlay or dark purple table overlays to exude imperial opulence. Tired of the same old color combinations? Try pairing grey-colored table linens with coral organza table overlays to exude a distinctive chic appeal.

Choose The Perfect Table Overlays

5. Keep the Theme of the Event in Mind

Another important factor to keep in mind while selecting table overlays is the theme of the event. Whether you are planning a grand party or hosting an intimate gathering, everything from venue décor to table and chair decorations should reinforce your theme to take your celebrations to the next level. Therefore, choose table cover overlays that blend well with your other thematic decorations for a harmonized allure. Planning a woodland-themed party? Pick a burlap table overlay to ooze a mesmerizing rustic charm onto your tablescape elevating the whimsical aura. If you are looking for exquisite wedding table overlays for your romantic-themed reception, opt for a rosette table overlay to glam up your wedding table.

Choose The Perfect Table Overlays

6. Choose a Suitable Fabric

The fabric material is one of the most important aspects to consider while buying decorative table overlays. While choosing the fabric for your tablecloth overlay, look for the texture, sheen, opacity, and the draping ability of the fabric to achieve your desired look. For instance, organza table overlays have a sheer, translucent appeal and your tablecloth underneath will peek through giving a soft and enchanting allure to your table décor. Do you want to hide the worn-out linen or table surface to conceal any stains or flaws? Pick a polyester table topper or opt for a rustic burlap table overlay to ingeniously cover any imperfections. Similarly, to add a textural element to your tablescape, use a sequin table overlay or choose a sumptuous velvet table overlay to exude a gorgeous charm. Whereas, if you want your overlay to gracefully hang on the sides and elegantly blend with the tablecloth underneath, opt for a flowy fabric that drapes well such as lace table overlays or satin table overlays to emanate a chic appeal.

Choose The Perfect Table Overlays

7. Select an Appropriate Design and Pattern

The event’s theme plays an important role in determining the design for your table overlays. Overlays come in a wide variety of designs and patterns to help you cater to the theme of the occasion. From solid-colored and plain table top overlays to printed, woven, and embroidered table overlays, choose a suitable pattern to reinforce your theme elevating your event design up a notch! For instance, if you want to add a dramatic appeal to your wedding tablescape, swathe a rosette table overlay or taffeta table overlays on top of plain tablecloths to exude a posh charm.

Moreover, it is also essential to consider the design and pattern of the table linens. If you want to use your table overlays to create a chic display and add a dash of texture and panache to your party tables, opt for contrasting table overlays that not only complement the tablecloth in terms of color but the style too. For instance, if you have an intricately designed tablecloth, opt for something simple such as solid-colored organza table overlays or use elegant embroidered organza table overlays with modest and subtle designs to ingeniously elevate your table décor.

Choose The Perfect Table Overlays

8. Determine the Purpose of the Table Overlays

When planning to use table linen overlays for your party tables, it is also crucial to keep the purpose of using overlays in mind to make a rational choice. Whether you want to hide any flaws or previous stains on the table linen or you are looking to accentuate the visual appeal of your tablescape or you want to protect your top-notch tablecloth or the bare surface of your exquisite table. Opt for appropriate table overlays that get the job done. For instance, pick sheer table overlays on top of your expensive linens to prevent any damage. If you intend to conceal any imperfections, satin table overlays are a great way to cover up any unappealing spots.

Choose The Perfect Table Overlays

9. Consider the Type of Event

While choosing decorative table overlays, pick ones that suit the type of event you are planning. Whether it is a formal party, an official luncheon, wedding reception, birthday, anniversary or graduation celebration or one of those casual parties with just your friends and family. Select the appropriate table cover overlays to enrich your décor. For instance, if you are searching overlays to accentuate your formal or corporate event tables, opt for polyester overlays in subtle shades such as black and white table overlays for a refined matte finish. For a casual and informal gathering, unleash your creativity and use fancy table overlays that complement your party theme and color scheme to augment your celebratory event décor. Take your wedding décor to a whole new level by pairing your elegant table linens with sumptuous wedding table overlays to exude imperial extravagance. For festive events and holiday party decorations, choose flamboyant table cover overlays to add a glamorous final touch to your festive décor.

Choose The Perfect Table Overlays

We hope that with these key factors and pointers in mind, choosing table overlays will be much easier. Check out the exclusive range of efavormart table overlays and pick the appropriate table topper to create your desired look. Happy decorating!