Choose The Perfect Table Skirt

A Valuable Guide to Choose the Perfect Table Skirt

Table decoration is one of the most essential aspects of event design. Where table linens are the most basic accessories to decorate any tabletop, pairing them with a table skirt is undeniably the best way to cover the drab table legs. However, a simple table skirting doesn’t just hide imperfections and flaws but it also gives an imperial grace to your event table accentuating your overall aesthetics.

Event table skirts are available in a wide array of colors, sizes, fabric material, styles, and designs to help you harmonize your event design but the plethora of options also makes selecting the right one a daunting task. When it comes to buying the best table skirting, several key factors need to be taken into account to pick the perfect ones for your party tables. Not sure what to look for in a table skirt? Don’t worry, we are here to help! We have gathered some crucial factors and pointers in this table skirting guide to help you make an informed decision. Read on and find more about how to choose the perfect table skirt for your classy table decoration.

Table Skirts

1). Measure your Table

When planning to buy table skirting it is essential to know the table dimensions. Measure the perimeter and height of your table and choose the table skirt sizes accordingly. Also, determine how many sides of the table you want to cover with the table skirt. For instance, if you want to cover only three sides of your buffet table that is set against the wall, opt for an appropriate sized table skirt to give your desired look. For a round table, measure the circumference of your table and pick a round table skirt to impart a sleek and enticing appeal.

Table Skirts

2). Determine the Purpose

Another crucial factor is to determine what is the purpose of table skirting? Whether you want to use your table skirt to hide any unappealing elements or you want to spotlight your tablescape and give a posh appeal to your event decor. Select the appropriate party table skirt that gets the job done! If you intend to use table skirts to conceal the unsightly legs of your table or you want to hide jumbled up wires, speakers, props and other stuff underneath the table without anyone noticing, opt for thick cloth table skirts such as a satin table skirt or polyester table skirts for your party tables to cover up any distracting elements giving a refined sophisticated flair to your decor.

However, if you are looking to enhance your table aesthetics, choosing elegant table skirting can give a stylish look to any table, whether it is a wedding head table, buffet table or a cake table. Opt for fancy table skirts to impart a sumptuous extravagance. For instance, glam up your reception banquet table with a sequin table skirt to emanate a sparkling allure and use a chic lace table skirt for a charming skirted entry table.

table skirts

3). Keep the Event Theme in Mind

When it comes to styling a thematic tablescape for a holiday party, celebratory event or any other special occasion, the table covers and skirts should be on point to make your party decorations stand out. Choose from the different kinds of table skirting designs available at to match the theme of your party exuding a gorgeous harmonized appeal. For instance, for a country-theme wedding reception, choose a burlap table skirt to augment the rustic charm of your bucolic settings. If you are planning a unicorn-themed birthday bash, using a tulle table skirt to decorate your cake table will emanate a magical whimsical allure to your display. Similarly, for a romantic anniversary dinner party, dress your buffet table with a rosette table skirt emanating an enticing dramatic allure.

table skirts

4). Choose an Appropriate Color

From soft and subtle tones to rich and vivid shades, linen table skirts are available in a rainbow of hues to add a burst of color to your table decoration. While selecting table skirting for your party tables it is crucial to pick the right colors to complement your event color palette. Thoughtfully coordinated table covers and skirts can significantly enhance the appearance of your table. For instance, cover your table with a white tablecloth and opt for vibrant-colored table setting and skirting to perk things up. Are you looking to elevate your extravagant reception decor? Opt for rich and intense shades for your table skirting for wedding like a gold table skirt or a purple table skirt to give an opulent touch to your decor.

table skirts

5). Pick a Suitable Material


Decorative table skirts come in a variety of fabric materials like polyester, burlap, lace, satin, net, and plastic allowing you to add texture and style to your event tables. While choosing cloth table skirts, it is important to consider some key factors such as the appearance of the fabric and your intended purpose. If you plan to use a table skirt just to cover up your table legs, then opt for heavier and opaque fabrics like a polyester table skirt or a satin table skirt to obscure any unappealing features. Whereas, for a shimmering and dazzling table decoration, opt for lustrous fabrics such as a sequin table skirt to exude a stunning sheen.

Moreover, also assess the durability of the table skirting materials and determine the usage. Fabric table skirts available at Efavormart are durable and can be used again and again without shrinking or fading. Give a riveting new look to the same tables each time by selecting a high-end linen table skirt and pair it with different colored covers for an impressive upscale allure. However, plastic table skirts are designed for one-time use to make cleanup after the event a breeze. Select the table skirt material that best suits your needs to make the perfect choice!

table skirts

6). Select Appropriate Table Skirt Clips


Skirting attaches to the tables by either using clips or Velcro. This makes it super easy and convenient to set up and take down your table decorations. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right table skirt clips to perfectly attach your table skirt to the table. Assess the thickness and width of your table edge and use suitable Velcro table skirt clips to attach your elegant table skirting to the event table effortlessly.

table skirts
7). Select the Table Skirt Style

Fabric table skirts come in various styles to help you achieve your desired look. A pleated table skirt or fitted table skirts works best for an official dinner party or formal ceremony exuding a sleek and modish appeal. Whereas, if you are planning an informal event, reception ceremony, or holiday celebration, choose a ruffle table skirt or gathered table skirt to add a riveting and stylish flair to your event design.

We hope that these valuable guidelines and pointers have helped you pick the perfect table skirt for your upcoming event. Check out our exquisite collection of cheap table skirts to elevate your table decoration up by several notches!