Choose The Perfect Tablecloths

A Complete Tablecloths Selection Guide

play a vital role in setting the right tone for your event and can dramatically transform any plain and lackluster space into a regal affair. Besides giving your tables a surprisingly sophisticated look, table linens also add style and class to any meal time. Whether you are organizing a formal event like a wedding, shower, birthday, or dinner. Perhaps planning for a relaxed setting like a backyard picnic, teatime on a terrace, or a weekend breakfast, all feel more special, festive, and elegant when perfect Table Linens are used.

Choosing tablecloths is a serious undertaking as you certainly wouldn’t want to end up with a wrong purchase and a mismatched size. A tablecloth is an investment – you pay not just for a piece of cloth but for your mood, the atmosphere and this festive feeling you get when the setting of your tablescape is so elegant.

When chosen effectually and set correctly, a tablecloth also acts as a practical adornment that insulates and protects the table in a crowded environment. To make sure you choose the right Tablecloth for your upcoming event, we’ve listed some helpful tips below, thus read on these points to ponder to keep your table looking its finest.

white tablecloths with white chair covers and pink chair sashes

1). Size of the Event: Visual Weight of the Tablecloth

It is crucial that you choose the tablecloth in accordance with the size of your event. Visual weight refers to the table size compared to the size of the room or venue. Your choice of tablecloth can easily highlight or conceal the space your table appears to occupy. For events planned in a large room, it is best to drape the tables with a table cover woven with big, tightly arranged patterns to keep the table setting from looking lost. While in a small, compact space, lightness is suggested, so pick a muted tone tablecloth woven with an airy, well-spaced design.

Thus, if there is a grand gala or a ballroom inspired wedding around the corner, glam your party tables up with our Rosette 3D Satin Tablecloths for that grandiose impact. The 3 dimensional satin rosette design will beautifully accentuate your ambiance. For a backyard garden wedding, we recommend our airy Curly Willow Collection for an effect that is too enchanting to be true. The soft tones and breezy cascading pattern of this range will transform a small yard into a Garden of Eden.

outdoor banquet with white polyester tablecloths

2). Choose a Perfect Fit for a Perfect Table: Shape and Size Accuracy

Whether you are dealing with square and rectangle tables, or round and elongated tables, it is crucial that you order the tablecloth that fits them perfectly. The worst feeling is realizing on the day of the event that the tablecloths you have forked out on barely fits the tables or hang over way too far. To avoid any such inconvenience, follow these simple guide lines on how to pick the right size tablecloth for your tables, whether round or rectangle.

  1. For rectangle or square tables, start by measuring your table from end to end on all sides, length and width. For a round table, you will just require the diameter of the table.
  2. Next, to get the most accurate measurement, it is important to know the length of tablecloth hang you intend to have during your event or party. It is common to have a midway hang on your table when having company over, so be sure your measurements are appropriate for the table size you will be using the day of the event.
  3. For Table Skirts, allow 8 to 10 inches from either end. For chic formal setting, like for wedding linens, a longer drop of 12 to 18 inches will give a luxe look and an elaborate feeling.
  4. For a flawless and risk free purchase, consider our Size And Measurement Charts that will easily assist you in choosing the perfect fit for your banquet or wedding tables

    Rectangle Table Size Chart

    square tablecloths size chart

    Square Table Size Chart

    square tablecloths size chart

    Round Table Size Chart

    round tablecloths size chart

  5. Important: In case you wish to cover your rectangular tables to the floor, the tablecloth should have Rounded Corners so there isn’t any extra fabric bunched in the corners.
  6. Lastly, it is advised to always double check the How To Care Instructions for the fabric of the tablecloth you are purchasing, as some materials are easier to care for, while others may shrink in the washer and dryer, resulting in requiring a tad more length then you calculated.

3). Choice Of Color For Your Tablecloth:

Color is a tool that changes the mood of the table setting without changing the tableware. White is the most popular color for table linens and it is always appropriate for formal dining. Ivory and off-white colors are common too, especially in rooms with warmer tones. These universal colors go with virtually any theme and every venue; moreover, if you want to add a dash of contemporary style in your minimalist décor, you can always achieve that dazzling look by accentuating the plain covers with Sequined Table Runners, glamorous Glass Candelabras and Centerpieces, classy napkins, and refreshing blossoms and greenery. Thus, for a sophisticated partyscape meant for a posh event, spread our white or ivory Satin Tablecloths atop your tables with matching Table Accent Pieces to achieve that elegant party look.

For casual and informal gathering, go for any color that you have your heart on. Feel free to improvise and use colored tableware and tabletop accents to create unique combinations that enhance the visual environment of your event. If you are planning to throw a chic cocktail party, create a fun-filled brightly colored theme tablescape with our gorgeous Fitted Polyester Tablecloths modishly dressing your tables up, oozing colorful oomph all around.

Whether you are planning a formal event or an informal party, the three main factors that determine your tablecloth color choice are: Location, Season, and Theme of your event. Go for the colors that complement the décor of your party space and its decorative elements like the backdrop, lighting, floor plan, tableware and drapery.

For outdoor events, let the setting be your guide. Normally, bright color shades look better in sunny locations, while pastels are great in garden settings. Seasons also play a very important role in deciding for the colors of your tablecloths.  Spring and summer colors tend to be lighter, while bolder colors are more appropriate during the chilled fall and winter months. Lastly and most important, your event’s theme is the factor that makes a certain color, “your color”. You can effectively create the ambiance that sets the mood for your event with the help of right colors that reflect your motif.  Vibrant colors add drama, while soft hues evoke a more refined atmosphere.

white tablecloths with pink table runner

4). Design and Material of the Tablecloth:

The event’s theme, venue, and tableware play important roles in determining the material and design of your tablecloths. Tablecloths come in a huge variety of fabrics and accents to perfectly cater your event and occasion’s theme. If there is a wedding reception or an exotic evening event around the corner, premium Satin, Taffeta, or Velvet Tablecloths will be an ideal choice. For an outdoor carnival or a cheerful birthday party, spruce your plain tables up with playful Striped Table Covers, Rosette, Sequined, or Metallic Stretch Spandex Table Covers will enticingly create that glamorous ambiance for your luxe parties. If you wish to bring a chic rustic flair to your country event or a barn wedding, our Burlap Table Linens will elegantly blend in with the natural surroundings, oozing outdoorsy charm all around!

Generally, formal linens are either solid, woven with a pattern, printed, or embroidered. Our dashing Damask Flocking Taffeta Tablecloth coupled with white Satin Napkins and Table Runners will elegantly take your tablescape elegance up by several notches. Similarly the lush velveteen texture and rich colors of our Velvet Table Linens will add just the right amount of luster and lavishness to your upscale evening dinners. Printed designs and more colorful embroideries are more suitable for informal settings. Like our Checkered Polyester Tablecloths will spread that picnic-joy all around while our waterproof Vinyl Tablecloths will keep you relaxed during those hectic kids birthday parties and peppy pool parties.  

polyester turquoise round tablecloths

So you see, by keeping these key factors in mind while choosing the tablecloth for your tables, you can have the linens that are destined to impress and highlight your event’s festive feel. For further assistance in choosing the right color, fabric and style, check out the fascinating range of our Tablecloths Wholesale available here at!