Choose The Perfect Wedding Favors

Valuable Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Favors

With a never-ending to-do list and a crazy number of things to sort out before your wedding reception, choosing traditions and customs for your special day can be rather challenging. Undoubtedly, giving wedding favors to your guests is one of those timeless wedding customs that are still going strong. Who doesn’t love favor gifts? We most certainly do, and here’s a little secret, wedding guests get excited for them too!

Planning a wedding reception and short of wedding favor ideas? Don’t fret! We have gathered some significant pointers to help you choose wedding favors for guests. This guide will walk you through all the essential factors that need to be considered before you go on a quest to find the perfect wedding party favors.

choose the perfect wedding favors

1). Determine the Purpose of your Wedding Favors

Throwing a wedding party is all about gathering your friends and family and sharing the most special day of your life with them. When giving credit to people for making your wedding day full of excitement and for all the momentous memories, your guests top the list. If you plan to use wedding favors to personally thank them for their wholehearted love and support, you are definitely on the right track. Your selected wedding party favors must reflect warmth, admiration, and gratitude. Make a little extra effort to show your friends and family how much you appreciate their presence and attach wedding favor tags with your elegant wedding favors and pen down a heartfelt thank you message for all your loved ones. Don’t have enough time to write notes for each and every guest? Play it smart and choose from our extensive collection of wedding favors that come with a pre-tied thank you note to charm your guests.

If you are looking for wedding favors not only to thank your guests but also to augment the aesthetics of your wedding décor, then opt for wedding decoration favors to serve both purposes. For instance, our fancy wedding favors will be stunning decorative accents for your otherwise ordinary-looking party tables.

Searching for wedding favors that will act as impressive mementos of your wedding? Choose unique wedding favors that will not perish away. Give your friends and family small souvenirs to bring back pleasant memories of the time they spent with you. For instance, a bottle opener wedding favor is a great keepsake for your guests that will spark up their memory every time they have a drink. Or opt from our wide range of candle wedding favors rekindling flashbacks of your wedding day.

choose the perfect wedding favors

2). Consider the Functionality and Entertainment Aspect

Sure you want to make your party favors look pretty but opt for ones that will actually be useful for your guests. The best wedding favors are those that can either be used to perk up your wedding party or can be used again after the festivities are over. Opt for useful wedding favors that your friends and family can carry everywhere they go or pick elegant wedding favors that will add an enchanting appeal to their home décor. For instance, if you plan to launch floating lanterns to end your special day, hand out personalized matchbox wedding favors to your guests to ignite the candles. Planning a summer wedding? Opt for our wedding favor fans to help your guests cool down. The pretty hand fans will also be the perfect props for your wedding photo booth and your guests will love to strike a pose with them.

choose the perfect wedding favors

3). Keep your Wedding Theme in Mind

Things can never go wrong when you tie all your decorative elements to your wedding theme. The same goes for party favors. Choose favors that complement your theme and event décor. Thematic wedding favors will not only harmonize your wedding décor but will also enhance the aesthetics. For instance, our succulent wedding favors will work great for a fall-themed wedding. Similarly, for beach themed wedding favors, choose from our seashell favors for weddings or sand bucket wedding favors to reinforce your theme. Planning a chic Boho-themed wedding? Our flamboyant feather wedding favors will be perfect accents for your tabletop décor and your guests will surely love to tuck them in their hair or use them as boutonnières. For a nature-inspired theme, opt for rustic wedding favors such as our wooden wedding coaster favors or wrap your chic favors in burlap wedding favor bags.

choose the perfect wedding favors

4). Plan the Placement and Display

When picking party favors it is also important to plan your display. Determine when you want to hand out your wedding party favors and choose an appropriate placement. Do you want to give your wedding favors as parting gifts or are you planning to use them as table centerpieces or decorative accents for your wedding party tables? If you want your guests to use the party favors at your wedding, either hand them out before they seat themselves or use them to enhance your place setting. You can also blend your escort cards and wedding favors into one for double duty favors. For instance, opt for our bubbly mini champagne bottles wedding favors and place them on the escort table with the table numbers and guests’ names tied to each bottle. Let your guests create a sea of bubbles while you cut your wedding cake. Planning a grand set up like a candy or dessert station? Use vibrant favors bags or personalized wedding favor boxes on the side to let your guests take the delectable treats home with them. If you have a thoughtful and chic wedding favor gift for your family and friends, don’t forget to pair them with our wedding favor gift boxes for a striking and eye-catching display.


choose the perfect wedding favors

5). Consider your Guests’ Preferences

While it is ideal to pick a unique wedding favor that reflects something about the bride and groom, it is also essential to consider your guests’ preferences. Though one size does not fit all it is crucial to consider what your guests will like. This will not only help you narrow down your wedding favor ideas but also guarantee that your guests will take them home. You can also choose to have different party favors for different groups of guests. For instance, opt for candy wedding favors for your little guests and bottle opener wedding favors for adults to make everyone happy.

choose the perfect wedding favors

6). Pick Attractive Packaging Color, Style and Design

Whether you choose to give exquisite gifts that will remind your guests of the experience they had at your wedding or you want to treat them with edible wedding favors that can be enjoyed right away, use vibrant wedding favor bags and boxes to boost the impact of your token of appreciation. Choose captivating packaging to hold your wedding party favors from the wide collection of favor bags and boxes available at efavormart to complement your color scheme and event design. To augment the aesthetics of your wedding day décor, try placing our decorative wedding favor boxes to spruce up your dull wedding party table setting. Opt for contrasting hues and distinctive designs to make your wedding favors stand out among all the other decorative accessories. If you plan on giving edible wedding favors to your friends and family, then opt for something fun and sophisticated to hold your treats such as our elegant favor jars and personalized wedding favor boxes with monogram to exude an interesting visual appeal.


choose the perfect wedding favors

7).Think Out of the Box

Jordan almonds are great but giving an eccentric twist to your wedding party favors will excite your guests and they’ll actually want to take them home. Choose a meaningful and elegant wedding favor idea that has a significant meaning for you and your partner. For instance, to give an awe-inspiring touch to your party favors, choose scented candle wedding favors that will bring back memories of your first date. Want to give wedding shower favors? Surprise your bridesmaids with our plush rose soap wedding favors that will add an elegant and sumptuous allure to your bridal party decorations.

Unleash your creativity and work your magic to assemble one of a kind DIY wedding favors. Choose mini favor bottles and jars filled with small wedding favors such as assorted vase fillers or craft flowers for a unique wedding favor idea. To put an artistic spin on your cute wedding favors, use our charming favor decorations to make a stunning statement.

choose the perfect wedding favors

8). Consider your Budget

When buying favors for your wedding day, consider the number of guests and select your wedding favors accordingly. Planning an intimate wedding? Opt for personalized wedding favors that will be perfect for your small gathering. On a tight budget for your big day? Efavormart offers many inexpensive wedding favors that are exquisite and will fit right into your budget plan. Nobody expects you to spend a hefty amount for wedding party favors, it is the thought and care that counts! For instance, opt for our tea infuser wedding favors to infuse your gratitude and let love brew!

choose the perfect wedding favors

We hope that with these guidelines in mind, choosing exclusive wedding favor ideas for your wedding party will be an easy feat. Spotlight your wedding favors and express your love in an artistic and trendy style. Follow our tips to pick the best wedding favors and impress your guests. Browse through our online store to check out the extensive range of cheap wedding favors and wedding favor bags and boxes to present meaningful gifts to your friends and family.