Why Use Table Overlays

A Complete Guide to Why Table Overlays are Important

Every special event calls for an impeccable decoration and designing to accentuate the ambiance augmenting your guest’s overall experience. Even the tiniest of details can make a huge difference and can add glamor and beauty to the décor. As event tables are where your guests spend most of their time, whether it is a wedding reception, birthday party, anniversary celebrations, graduation bash or any other special occasion, it is crucial to pay special attention to your table décor. While tablecloths are the most basic things when it comes to decorating party tables, using table overlays can take your tablescapes to a whole new level imparting a gorgeous appeal to your event design.

Pairing your table linen with a table topper or just styling your exquisite bare tables with a striking table top overlay makes a bold impact giving a chic and extravagant allure to your table decoration. Are you still uncertain about whether you should include table overlays in your event design for your next party or not? We have listed some significant points and reasons to help you understand the importance of using table linen overlays that will surely clear up your confusion. Read on to find out more about table overlays and how they impact the overall aesthetics of your event.

1. Table Overlays Elevate the Table Décor

One of the first things that catch the attention of the guests at any event is the table décor. Whether you are looking for something extravagant to elevate your luxurious décor or you just want to revamp your tablescape, swathing fancy table overlays on your event tables is a classy way to elegantly enrich your event design. Exude a posh allure simply by choosing ravishing table overlays and effortlessly elevate your table decorations up by several notches! For instance, use wedding table overlays to bedeck your wedding tables adding a sumptuous flair to your lavish affair. If you are looking to induce a spark of beauty, dressing your tables with just a plain tablecloth will not do the job. Pair your table cover with a stunning table topper to make a striking and bold statement.

2. Add a Pop of Color with Table Overlays

Since every event calls for a special color scheme to highlight its festive significance, every aspect of your décor must conform to the theme color to impart a unified sophisticated look. Table overlays offer an extra layer to your tablescape which is great for broadening your event color palette adding a splash of flamboyance to your party decorations. Table cover overlays come in a wide array of hues to help spice things up and add a gorgeous pop of color. Lay the tablecloth overlay on top of your table cover to accentuate an accent color harmonizing the color scheme of your event.

Choosing unique hues that blend well with your other decorations will give a much-needed splash of color and vibrancy to any event table. If you are going for an eccentric color combination for your event design, using table linens and overlays in contrasting shades will not only allow you to synchronize your color scheme but will also exude imperial panache. For instance, accenting your universal-colored tablecloth with a gold table overlay to glam up your tablescape will emanate a scintillating and posh allure. Want to imbue a glorious subtle appeal? Spruce up your event design by pairing your table linen with a serenity blue table overlay or a blush pink lace table overlay for understated elegance. Instead of going for just one monotonous color for your table décor, dress up your event table with a rich or vibrant-colored table cover and top it with a soft and neutral-colored tablecloth overlay such as a champagne table overlay or an ivory table overlay to give a quirky twist to your event design.

3. Table Cover Overlays Help Protect the Tablecloth or Table

Have you ever been hesitant to use your expensive linens at a party because you worry that it will get defaced? Sometimes tablecloths may also become dirty over a period of time. But when you add table overlays to top it all, it would protect the tablecloth from dirt, dust, and stains. Therefore, covering your table linen partially with a table topper is a wise choice to help prevent any damage allowing you to flaunt your favorite tablecloth in style without any concerns. For instance, top your high end table covers with sheer table overlays to add a protective layer without dulling out the imperial charm of your linens. Also, table overlays are much easier to clean as opposed to table linens owing to their relatively smaller dimensions.

If you are not too keen on using a tablecloth to protect your fancy tables as they tend to conceal their majestic beauty, opt for fancy table overlays to preserve your classic rustic wooden, glass or ornately designed art deco tables from food and wine spills. For instance, our sumptuous decorative table overlays will not only save your table from getting spoiled but will also significantly enhance the gorgeous appeal of your event décor.

4. Adds another Fabric Element

Looking to top off your tablecloth with an even more elegant fabric? Table overlays are surely the best choice to do so. Layering fabrics has become the latest trend to incorporate different attributes of various fabric materials adding a striking oomph factor to your event design. Undoubtedly, there is nothing better than table overlays to flawlessly blend in different fabric elements to achieve your desired look. For instance, if you are looking to exude a shimmering and gleaming allure but don’t want to go overboard with a sparkling tablecloth, opt for a matte table linen and lay a sequin table overlay on top to execute a sensational and brilliant appeal. Want to double the opulence of your wedding table décor? Pair your plush table linens with our embroidered organza table overlays to augment your luxurious wedding décor tenfold.

5. Table Overlays Elevate the Theme of the Event

Enhance your thematic party decorations and give your plain and boring party tables a new refreshing look with a fascinating table topper to significantly accentuate the theme of your event. With the right table overlays and tabletop decorations, your tablescape will surely be the highlight of your event décor. Choose from the variety of designs and patterns exclusively available at efavormart to give a riveting and gorgeous flair to your table. For instance, if you are going for a jungle theme for your little one’s birthday party, spread animal print table overlays such as our leopard print table overlay to exude an awe-inspiring charm to your event design. Add sensational depth to your table décor with interesting patterns like polka dot table overlay or black and white damask table overlay to spruce up your modish décor. Accentuate your romantic wedding table decorations with floral table overlays or opt for a rosette table overlay emanating a striking charm.

6. Table Overlays Add Texture to Your Décor

Table linen overlays are a great way to add a textural element to your tablescape. Accenting your plain tablecloths or bare tables with eccentric table cover overlays made from textured fabric or intricately crafted table overlays that complement your party theme will give an interesting appeal to your table décor and will also enhance your overall aesthetics. For instance, elevate your table décor with a burlap table overlay to impart a rustic flair to your bucolic settings. If you are looking for the 3D effect, use satin table overlays with elevated designs or opt for a rosette table overlay to exude an exciting and dramatic allure.

7. Accentuates the Beauty of the Tablecloth

If you want to take your tablecloths to the next level of imperial sublimity without overshadowing their innate beauty, fancy table overlays are the best decorative accents to impart a majestic and classic aura. Pair your table linen with a sumptuous table topper to augment the visual appeal of your otherwise boring décor. For instance, if you have a plush table linen, opt for lace table overlays or organza table overlay to further glam up your tablescape oozing a glorious opulence.

8. Table Overlays Give a Finishing Touch

When planning and decorating an event, most people only focus on tablecloths for table decorations and overlook the importance of table overlays. But using decorative table overlays is a great way to give a sumptuous finishing touch to your tablescape. Regardless of the shape or size of the table and whether you use a tablecloth or not, table linen overlays are the ideal accents to add glamor and elegance to your table decorations. For instance, lay lustrous satin table overlays on top of your covered party tables to exude a scintillating radiant flair. If you aren’t content with the lavish appeal of your wedding table, try spreading a plush velvet table overlay or use elegant wedding table overlays to add that mesmerizing oomph factor to your décor.

9. Table Overlays are Inexpensive and Budget-friendly

Tired of using the same old white tablecloths but you are on a tight budget and cannot afford high-end colored tablecloths? When looking for ways to cut down your expense for any big scale event, table overlays are surely the perfect inexpensive and affordable alternative to those costly table linens allowing you to exude that stunning appeal that you are looking for. The high quality but cheap table overlays available at efavormart will fit right into your budget plan and will help you impart a glorious allure without breaking the bank.

We hope that these key benefits and reasons are enough to clear up all your doubts about the significance of including table overlays in your event design and have helped you learn about the role they play to make an impressive impact. Ingeniously pair your fancy table overlays with your tablecloths or use them to revamp your bare tables, the choice is yours! Opt for efavormart table overlays and prepare to make your tablescapes stand out!