Why Use Table Skirts

Interesting Benefits of Using a Table Skirt

While tablecloth is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about decorating a table, a table skirt is also an important accessory that elegantly elevates the visual appeal of your tablescape. As the name suggests, a party table skirt is a fabric that covers the sides of the table and hangs down from the edge of the table to the floor giving a beautiful look to event tables. It also helps hide any unsightly flaws and imperfections to impart a refined and sophisticated flair. Pairing your table linens with elegant table skirting does not only add style to your tablescape, but it has several other perks as well. Are you still skeptical about using a table skirt at your next event? We have collated some key reasons and benefits of decorating your tables with linen table skirts to further convince you about their significance and impact.

1). Accentuates the Table Aesthetics

Whether it is just a casual brunch or dinner party at your home or you are planning a special and grand affair, fabric table skirts are the easiest way to glam up your table. Regardless of the shape and size of your venue tables, fancy table skirts greatly improve the table aesthetics emanating grace and panache. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how using simple table skirting can instantly transform the look of your event table.

You can also accentuate your plain tablecloth by using elegant table skirting ideas to add that oomph factor to your event design. For instance, if you are looking for something to spruce up your reception table decoration, opt for sumptuous table skirting for wedding tables to impart a stylish allure to your otherwise dull and boring tables.

2). Gives a Finishing Touch

If you have a keen eye for detail, a linen table skirt is surely the perfect choice to give a sumptuous finishing touch to your party tables. With the complete coverage from the edge of the table to the floor, event table skirts impart a posh appeal to your tablescapes. Where standard tablecloths do not give the floor-length drop on oversized banquet tables as they tend to shrink, wrinkle, and shift, using banquet table skirts will help you achieve your desired look and make your table decoration look more complete and attractive. Similarly, you can attach fitted table skirts on your party tables for a sleek finish exuding a neat and modish charm.

3). Conceals the Table Legs

One of the biggest advantages of using a table skirt is that it helps conceal the unappealing table legs giving a sophisticated and graceful appeal to the overall display. No one likes the old and drab table legs sticking out which steals away the charm of the alluring tabletop décor. Using a fabric table skirt is a beautiful way to hide those stick legs and to obstruct any imperfections and flaws around the edges or beneath the table to make it look perfect from every angle.

Moreover, event table skirts also allow you to hide many unnecessary things right under the table without anyone ever getting to see them. Declutter your space and hide those jumbled up wires, speakers, props to be used later on in the event, and other stuff that needs to be put away temporarily under your table and use a linen table skirt to obscure them. For instance, if you’re throwing a last-minute birthday bash at your home and are looking for a simple storage solution, simply attach a table skirt on your cake table and chuck all the needless things underneath to tidy up your space in a jiffy!

4). Cost-Effective and Budget Friendly

When it comes to table decoration for important tables like head or cake tables, simply swathing a tablecloth might not grab your guest’s attention. Using high-quality yet cheap table skirts is an ingenious way to cut down your expense without compromising on the visual appeal. Instead of investing in a costly tablecloth that will probably be used only once or twice, opt for a relatively inexpensive table skirt for a cost-efficient and elegant alternative.

Furthermore, banquet table skirts give you the freedom to either cover all sides of the table or leave out one or more sides as per your convenience. For instance, use elegant table skirting on only three sides of a buffet table that is set against the wall exuding an extravagant look without draining your wallet.

5). Adds a Splash of Color

Pep up your table decoration and harmonize your event color scheme by using a table skirt to emanate charming flamboyance. Fancy table skirts come in a wide array of shades and color combinations to help you coordinate every aspect of your event decor. Either match the color of your linen to impart understated elegance or use contrasting hues for table setting and skirting to perk things up. For instance, for a monochromatic color palette, swathe a white tablecloth and use a sumptuous black table skirt for a trendy flair.

6). Elevates the Theme of the Party

Accentuate your thematic decorations and boost the impact of your boring party table décor with a fascinating table skirt reinforcing the theme of your event. Use the different kinds of table skirting designs and patterns to complement your event design. For instance, if you are planning a rustic country themed event, use a burlap table skirt to elevate your bucolic settings. For a princess themed party, dressing your table with a tulle table skirt or curly willow table skirt will surely ooze a whimsical charm elevating your décor to the next level! Highlight the romantic aura of your wedding décor and use a plush pink table skirt for your buffet table augmenting the dreamy allure.

7). Pairs Well with Table Linens

Layering is the new hot trend and using a table skirt gives a classy appeal to your décor. Cloth table skirts pair extremely well with other linen products such as table toppers, tablecloths, throw covers and table runners. Instead of simply just throwing a tablecloth over your table, layer it with a beautiful linen table skirt to elevate the overall look of your display exuding a modish elegance. For instance, pair your plain table linen with a ruffle table skirt to bring in an enticing dramatic flair.

8). Feasible, Convenient, and Durable

Most people don’t consider any fancy table decoration products other than tablecloths because they aren’t very keen to put in that extra effort. But contrary to common belief using a fabric table skirt is pretty simple. Skirting can be attached to the table with table skirt clips or Velcro which makes installing and changing table skirt super easy and hassle-free. Moreover, using a plastic table skirt not only gives a stunning appeal to your table but also makes clean up after the event a breeze.

We hope that these benefits and reasons are enough to compel you to dress up your tablescape with a beautiful table skirt for your upcoming party. Choose the best table skirting from Efavormart’s exclusive range of high-end cheap table skirts to make a stylish statement.