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Endless Classic Necklace Strand - Burgundy - 10 Yard

Item Number: RIB_2111_BURG

$3.44 Sale Price
$4.99 Retail Price

  • Measurements: extends up to Approx. 10 yards
  • Material: plastic.
  • Use to decorate your celebration, banquet, or social.

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Such a wonderful harmony of lustrous tear drops and glistening pearls, this pearl drop necklace trim is absolutely gorgeous! These pearl drop trims are elegant, soft, and when teamed with vibrant hues, they look FANTASTIC! The exceptional details and craftsmanship with high quality teardrop pearls and beads impart a swish and sophisticated look to this beaded trim. Finish off a project, dress, favors, lampshade, draperies, hair piece, purse, or accessories in a whimsical manner using this endless classic necklace strand. Our classy toned pearl drop trims are a colorful and an inexpensive way to add a dash of bling and glam up your clothing, accessories, crafts or home decor project. Wrap it around your invites, glue it atop your favors and gifts, stich it to adorn your drapery, table covers, chair sashes, or spruce up your attires and hair accessories by accenting them with matching colored pearl drop trims. Its use is always unique and full of creativity; there is no limit of item, shape, or size, when it comes to decorating with our lovely necklace strands.

Additional Information:
Measurements: extends up to Approx. 10 yards
Material: plastic.

Uses : Wedding, Party, Birthday, Events, DIY, Decoration