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10" - Pack of 2 10" - Pack of 2

2 Pack | 10” White StyroFoam Foam Balls For Arts, Crafts and DIY

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Size: 10"

Quantity: 2 Foam Balls / Order
Material: Styrofoam
Diameter: 10"


White Styrofoam Balls

White Styrofoam Balls are ideal for a variety of craft projects. They provide you with a simple and versatile material to work with, giving you the freedom to create whatever you dreamed up. With their classic, clean white color, they will look stunning in any decoration, or as part of your own unique DIY project. Each Styrofoam ball is lightweight, yet durable enough to withstand even your most ambitious crafting ideas.

White Craft Foam Balls

If you're looking for crafting supplies that are both simple and versatile, our Styrofoam balls are a perfect choice. These lightweight, versatile balls will serve as the ideal foundation for any 3D project. Paint them, decorate them with fabric or ribbon, or dye them – the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re creating snowmen or plush animals, these balls can give your projects that extra dimension you have been looking for. Perfectly round and smooth to the touch, these pieces make even intricate fine details look great.

DIY White Styrofoam Balls

Professional DIYers will enjoy having creative control over how they shape their decor elements with these Styrofoam balls; just get as creative as you want with your own design style. Incorporate them into decorations for events – like weddings or parties or bring out your inner child and turn them into artistic constructions. Once your project is finished they’re light enough to easily place in any interior space without the worry of damage to furniture or walls. With our white Styrofoam balls get ready to experience that feeling of accomplishment when all your hard work comes together!

Additional Information:

  • Perfect For: Holiday Decorations, Wall Decorations, Table Scatter, Tablescape, Art Projects and DIY Crafts.