12 Pack Purple Natural Plume Real Ostrich Feathers, DIY Centerpiece Fillers 13"-15"

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Quantity: 12 Feathers / Order
Material: Real Ostrich Feather
Color: Purple
Height: 13" - 15"
Width: Between 4" - 6"
Original Ostrich Feathers
Note: As they are natural feathers, they may vary in sizes and shape.


Natural Ostrich Feathers Centerpiece

Bring the vibrancy of natural hues and vitality of jungle beauty into your party space with our all Natural Ostrich feathers. Ostrich is the largest bird that shares the fascinating traits of flying creatures as well as the remarkable qualities of land creatures.


Magnificent and Charismatic Beauty

With the grandeur of its physical magnificence and charismatic charm of its beauty, it is an unrivalled attraction for people worldwide who seek fascination and inspiration in Nature. Hats off to Efavormart on making it possible for you to catch and treasure this sublime creation of nature, and making it a star attraction of your special event.


Turn Centerpiece Into Masterpiece

Transform your tabletops centerpieces, vases and backdrops, into true masterpieces by adorning them with these lovely ostrich feathers. These feathers are genuine, thus impart a vigorous touch to whatever you embellish with them. Leave your guests simply awe-inspired by your exciting designing taste of decoration.


Additional Information:

  • The colors may vary from the pictures due to lighting and screen resolution.
  • Steps to Clean the Feathers:
    • Fill the bucket or tub with warm water.
    • Add a small amount of Woolite and agitate the water to mix.
    • Swish the feathers around the water. Do NOT scrub the feather as this will damage them.
    • Rinse by swishing in clean water.
    • Reshape the feathers.
    • Dry with a blow dryer on a low setting.
  • Uses:
    • Feather Centerpieces
    • Craft Feathers
    • Decorative Feathers
    • Eiffel tower Centerpieces
    • Feather Arrangements
    • Ostrich Centerpieces


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Cute feathers!
This company has a large selection, good prices and fast shipping. The feathers are so cute on my Christmas tree. Will order more feathers and other products from this company.
Patra F.
Verified Buyer
real user review 12 Pack | 13
They were the perfect size for thos party. They were not out of shape. Pretty full
Chanel B.
Verified Buyer
Feathers done right!
real user review 12 Pack Peacock Teal Natural Plume Real Ostrich Feathers, DIY Centerpiece Fillers 13
The color on this was amazing!!! Efavor has this color and the quality was amazing! No fall out
Vanessa P.
Verified Buyer
They are beautiful! Wish there was a little more of a stem but I managed to work with just fine
Melissa D.
Verified Buyer
Ostrich Feathers
The ostrich feathers are great quality. They came packaged and were better than some of the other companies that we've tried.
Verified Buyer
I love the color of the feathers, but I'm lost as to how to get them to look as good and they do in the picture. I bought a few Waterford Crystal that would be a great base.
Verified Buyer
Perfect touch
real user review 12 Pack | 13
This product adds the perfect touch to my boho gender reveal. I would recommend.
Sarin C.
Verified Buyer
real user review 12 Pack | 13
These feathers were amazing! The quality was great, I recommend them.
Petruta N.
Verified Buyer
Ostrich Feathers
real user review 12 Pack | 13
It really enhanced my decor and created a rich outlook.
Mehalai M.
Verified Buyer
Elegant feathers
real user review 12 Pack | 13
It was a wowed moment for me, I saw other people's work with feathers but experiencing this is a whole experience. I am so thankful for the easy shopping process at Efavormart.
Mehalai M.
Verified Buyer