12 Panel 28" Hoop Ceiling Draping Hardware Kit - FREE Tool Kit

Item Number: BKDP_CEIL28

12 Panel 28
12 Panel 28
12 Panel 28
12 Panel 28
12 Panel 28
12 Panel 28
12 Panel 28
12 Panel 28
12 Panel 28
12 Panel 28
12 Panel 28
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$178.99 Sale Price
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28" Stainless Steel Center Ceiling Hoop that Brings all 12 Sheer Panels Together in the Center.
12 Acrylic End Tubes to Spread the Ceiling Fabric at Each End.
Crystal Clear Hinged Polycarbonate Hooks
C-Hooks for Hanging Drapes
Free Installation Tool Kit - Easy to Carry Kit Bag
Note: Listing is for Hoop & Mounting Hardware ONLY, Draping in Picture is NOT INCLUDED

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Light up those drab ceilings and roofs with our light weight, durable and easy to install ceiling draping kits. With light weight structure and simple installation steps, this ceiling decoration kit will let you set up an elegant ceiling drape decoration like a pro. Get this complete kit with all necessary hardware and tools that you can use time and time again.  You can use these kits with our dazzling Sheer Voil Curtain Panel Backdrops in the color that complement your event’s theme. Designed for easy one-person installation and removal, this ceiling decoration accessory will obscure unattractive ceilings, transforming them into surreal lit divine skies.

Each Ceiling Draping Kit includes:

-28 Inch Stainless Steel Center Ceiling Hoop that brings all 12 sheer panels together in the center.
- Acrylic End Tubes to spread the ceiling fabric at each end of the panel with position pins.
- Crystal Clear Hinged Polycarbonate Hooks that swings open to lock securely on the metal support bars of dropped ceilings.
- C-Hooks for hanging drapes primarily, however with their large, "easy to hook" C-shaped design, you can use these equally efficiently for supporting chandeliers, ceiling hoops, and other decorative purposes.
- Easy to carry Kit Bag with necessary installation tools, measuring tape, pins etc.

All wonderful items at such affordable price! Go grab a kit and enchant your guests and family by setting up a mesmerizing ceiling drape decoration at your next special celebration!

Additional Information:

  • 28" Stainless Steel Ceiling 12 Panel Hoop (Opens to allow sheer panels to be attached)
  • 12 PCS Acrylic End Tubes with Sheer-Positioning Pins
  • Hinged Polycarbonate Hooks Designed to Work with Dropped Ceilings
  • C-Hooks for hanging drapes
  • Free Installation Tools Kit
  • Uses: Wedding, Party, Event, Photography, Exhibition Decoration, Decorative Accent for Events, Banquet Halls, Corporate Events, Restaurants, Quinceanera, Catered Presentations, Bridal and Baby Showers, Buffets, Trade Shows.
  • Note: Listing is for hoop & mounting hardware ONLY, draping in picture is NOT INCLUDED


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